Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One third DONE!

Well, this weekend marks the ONE THIRD down mark!  Can you believe it?!  
To me, it feels like the last four weeks have been a lifetime!  I can't believe we still have a long ways to go.  

Today we went for our 4 week x-ray.  No, it's not common to have a 4 week x-ray, but I requested it because of my late night panic attacks that her hip is slipping around!  Dr. Segal was very understanding of my insanity and was happy to get us in... again... 
What I haven't been liking is that the last few x-rays we have had with this cast on, he has had to send the film to radiology to read.  There is so much padding in the cast that it's hard to see the femur clear.  Each time he has said, 'it looks a little high to me, but radiology said it's in socket, so we will go with that.'  
Ummm, that didn't make me feel too great.  So, I requested another.  I am glad I did because this time, for some reason, the angle of the x-ray was spot on and he could see it super clear!  His exact words were, 'it's perfect.'  UMMM HECK YES!  Now that's what I am talking about.  That's what I have been wanting to hear.  All of those nights when I am flipping out thinking that this is all going to be for nothing... all of those moments when Lucy gets frustrated, all of the tears I have cried feeling so sorry for my little armadillo.  Those words made all of the last four weeks worth it.  WHEW.
So, since this cast is obviously working and doing it's job, Dr. Segal wants to keep it on for 8 weeks instead of 6.  Fine by me.  It's still super clean (duh!) and it's not falling apart yet, so 8 weeks it is.  If it's not broke, don't fix it!  So her cast change date has been moved from April 16 to April 30th.  
Her next cast will be the final one!  It will be on for another 4-6 weeks, depending on the stability and healing at the cast change.  
What totally sucks is that it's HOTTER THAN HAITI here in sunny Arizona, and poor Lucy gets so hot!  We don't leave the house from 2-6 in the heat of the day.  We get all of our stuff done in the morning.  
But... what can I do.  We are just going to have to deal with the heat and try to stay cool.  
I just feel SO good that we are on the right track.  Finally.  
I still am aware that a million different things could go wrong at any time.  The femur could slip again.  It could slip out even after the 12 weeks.  Who knows.  I can't control any of this, and it's making me crazy.  I have to just take this day by day.
The other night, (my worst night yet), I was holding the beautiful babester and rocking her a bit before bed.  I just kept thinking of all these things that can go wrong with hip issues, and I was bawling.  I put my head to the side and covered my eyes with my hands so I wouldn't make Lucy upset.  What did she do?!  She pulled my hands away from my eyes and started cracking up, playing peek a boo.  She was besides herself.  The funniest thing ever.  It was another 'moment' that I will always remember.  Lucy has been MY inspiration, and just when I start to think that this is getting to be overwhelming, she smiles.... and that smile lights up my entire world!  (How did I live 31 years without having her in my life?!)
She continues to amaze me every day!  

It's WAY past my bedtime, so goodnight blogging world!  :-)

(Before I go, here are a few pics of my beautiful girl, and some of my favorite quotes.  I save all of these and look at them often.  Makes me feel good.) 

Aint this the truth

My all time favorite.  You can always tell the people who have been through 'life' and the ones who haven't.

Yep, that's my girl

On the carousel with dada!

Scarf time at music class!

At the zoo!

YIKES... the mess this kid makes...

Fussy baby= sit in the car in the driveway with the tv on!

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