Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gymboree for me!

Well, today was WAY more of a workout for momma than it was for Lucy!
We decided to go to her normal weekly Gymboree Play and Music Class.  SO FUN!  For those of you who don't know what Gymboree is, it's a little gym with mats and toys.  They have a teacher that sings songs and blows bubbles.  For any person without a child, Gymboree would be worse than Chinese water torture.  haha.  BUT... for babies, it's a blast!  
We decided to go to the younger kids class.  The 6-10 month class, since these little ones aren't walking yet.  I don't want to make Lucy sad! 
I found that there were only a few things that Lucy 'couldn't' do.  The crawling through the obstacle course routine wouldn't work, so we went over and found a mini basketball hoop and threw the balls in the hoop while the other kids did the course.  
She sat on my lap the rest of the time and clapped her little hands! SO cute.  
She loves the bubbles.  The song goes, 'it's bubble time, bubble time, bubble time. B U B B L E bubble bubble time.'  (HAHA!)  Well, it gets Lucy going.  I thought she was going to dance right out of her cast!  
The other parents were really nice and understanding, except one 'genius' who I don't even know... she said 'how did you break her leg?'  REALLY?!  How did I break her leg?  So... (wait for it)... You will be VERY proud of me when I bit my tongue, smiled and explained that her hip was dislocated.  In the back of my head I said 'I am going to break YOUR leg lady!'  BUT... I was good.  I deserve a gold star for good behavior today.  :-)
It should have been called GYM-bor-momma today since I was literally about to die of heat exhaustion lifting this big ol baby up and down, up and down and all around.  I think I lost like 10 lbs!  YAH!
Today was a great day of how we are learning to focus on the things we CAN do.  Sure, she can't do everything at Gymboree, but she loves it SO much, so we will find things she can do.  She rode the rocking horse.  The teacher made her a little 'bed' out of an inner tube and some mats, so I pulled her around like the queen of Sheba.  Lucy loves being the queen.  Little does she know, she is just the princess.  
Here are a few pictures of my trooper.  
This cast isn't going to stop us from doing the things we love.  We just have to be creative!

Keep your fingers crossed her X Ray tomorrow is perfect!

Lucy waiting for the clown 'Gymbo' to come give her a kiss 

The rocking horse never looked so good. :)

We stopped to visit Grandpa for lunch after!

Bring on the toys!

My party baby

I love this... I know I always throw a few quotes in my blogs, but how true is this?!

Grandpa tickling my toes!


  1. Awesome post, Karen. So glad Lucy had a great time. She will continue to amaze you each and every day. :-)

  2. Such cool pictures! She looks awesome! I'm so proud of YOU for not kicking that idiot at Gymboree to the curb! I know that took great restraint. :-) Glad to know Lucy's getting her " Bubble time". Looks like you got Grandma Goose to get rid of the stone coffee table. Good for you!! Kisses and hugs from you know who AKTG!