Friday, March 9, 2012

First week complete!

Well, here we are again... Week 1... complete.  CHECK!  
I think this week has felt like the longest week of my life.  I love when my friends say, 'oh it's going by fast!'  Umm, no it's not, but that's ok... I wish!  
We are making it though!  I feel like a pro at this now, so things have seemed a bit easier this time around.  I was already prepared with the diapering, the toys and the non stop entertainment.  :-)  The things I have done to entertain this kid, as well as the positions I have had to move in to carry her and hold her... I should be a contortionist!  
We are keeping as busy as we can.  We try to do something every day.  Whether it's a visit to the grandparents house, grocery store, visit friends... we try to keep busy.  I hate staying in the house!  We will be in the house pretty much the whole month of May since it will be too hot for Lucy to be out in her cast... 
L has now learned to say 'All done' so now when we do anything she is bored with, she moves her hands and says 'all done.'  Nice.  :-)
We are back to being Starbucks regulars.  Sleep isn't really a huge thing around our house, which is okay.  I actually am getting used to it.  (Never thought I would say that!)  When L woke up after 2 hours of sleep last night, I woke up and said, 'hmm, I wonder what time it is because I feel great!'  haha...
Speaking of sleep, or lack thereof, L is now my new sleeping buddy.  I was always totally against co-sleeping with a baby since I believe they need their own space.  Well, that's out the window now since it's way easier to roll over and rub her forehead and tell her to go back to sleep then to get out of bed and go to her room every hour or so.  It's kind of nice to wake up and hear her talking and babbling.  :-)
We went to the hospital for a follow up X-ray last week, and it showed the hip is still in.  We go in again on Wednesday of this week.  I SO hope and pray that it stays in.  It's so hard wondering every day if this is being done for nothing again.  But, I guess Rome wasn't built in a day... It's a process... Then again, if I was in charge of building Rome, it probably would have been built in a day.  :-)  I hate not having any control over this!  
Lucy is back on a routine and doing well.  Since the latest procedure was just a cast change, no surgery, she bounced back in a day or so.  They used gas, not a general anesthesia.  I was happy about that, but man... her coming out of that was ROUGH.  She pretty much screamed all day.  She looked drunk as heck, and I told Aaron to remember this face, because when she comes home at 16 drunk as a skunk, this is what to look for.  Aaron loaded her in the car and drove around the entire city for hours to get her to finally fall asleep.  He went through 3/4 tank of gas!  Whatever it takes, right?!
This cast is way higher than the last one.  Her leg angle, I mean.  It seems to be bulkier around her hip, but it's more compact at top.  It makes it easier to carry.  (As easy as a huge baby in a huge cast can possibly be.)
I have told a few other people going through this that the hardest part of this isn't what you think it will be.  It's not the diapering or the little sleep.  It's when Lucy points to other kids playing when we are on our walk.  She points and smiles and starts shaking her head YES.  It literally rips my heart out that she can't get down and play with them.  Even when her cast comes off, it will take awhile for her to gain strength.  It is really hard.  Every time I think I am going to break down, I stop myself.  I keep telling myself that soon L will be running the playground, bossing the other kids around, and climbing up the slide.  Trying to stay positive is so darn hard!  I can't wait for the day that she can do things the other kids can do.
Again, yes... it's a few months, but the biggest scare is needing MORE surgery and this not working.  It is possible... :-(  KEEP THE FAITH, right?!  I just love this kid more than anything... I guess if I didn't worry constantly, that wouldn't be normal.  My little babester...
Crazy... We got our insurance statement with all of the pending transactions.  Just the consultation with the surgeon... they billed our insurance $552!  INSANE.  The surgery was billed at over $32,000.  Thank goodness we have insurance!  
So yep... one day at a time.  I hate that term but it's been my new saying lately.  Here are a few pics of our first week in this ugly purple cast.  
Have a great day!

We went to lunch today! Lucy, me, Michele and Jana.  The bulldog rescue crew!  You can see how my wallet is her new favorite toy.  I probably have checks and credit cards scattered all over the place. 

At the grocery store.  Mashed potatoes please!  (You don't think we have time to actually buy potatoes and cook, peel and mash em do ya?!  Nope.  Pre-made is the way to go!)

My little sweetie playing the piano.  Mozart, watch out.

L has learned how to take pictures on my iPhone.  Nice.

Love you LUCY!!!

I love this saying

It's hard to tell, but we got printed duct tape and spelled out her name on the bottom of the cast

OUCH!  My life with a 14 month old

Beautiful!  Hot pink with a glitter top coat!

Jana got her a HUGE stuffed bulldog and books!  YAH!

Ahhh, so true

Yep, pretty cute

Love this little face

If it's not insane enough that she has her own iPod, other people's kids do too because they make this toy/cover for kids so you can put your iPod or iPhone in there to keep it from being thrown across the room and breaking!  haha.  Yep, spoiled.  No I don't care.  Like I have said before, she is perfect so she can have whatever she wants!

Sitting up in her booster seat at the table like a big girl

Rockin' some leg warmers.  Well, just on one side.  Fashion statement.



Chillin' out watching the 'Backyardigans.'  Cute show.  I actually like it!

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