Monday, October 7, 2013


So much to share!
I have been MIA for awhile on my blog... Been super busy with the little ladies, and finally... FINALLY enjoying some outside time here in sunny Arizona!
Let's get right to it.

I have been asked to be the Parent/Child advocate for the amazing parent-run organization, ONE HIP WORLD.  Honored is an understatement!  Since accepting, I have been busy as a bee trying to fight for hip kids everywhere... even if it's something small, it can mean so much to a family!
With that said- I wanted to share a few things that we are doing.

CastCooler Giveaway- This may be the most amazing product for a spica cast.  Honestly.  I don't know what we would have done without it.  The owner has teamed up with One Hip World, and donated 30 CastCoolers to us to give away!  You heard me right!  Pretty cool, huh?!  

Ivy Rose Spica Chairs- another must have!  The owner and creator, Stephanie, is doing a quarterly giveaway of a spica chair to a family!  This chair and table saved our life and provided Lucy with the chance to have a tad bit of freedom.  She ate in this chair.  She played and colored.  She rocked back and forth.  It was a lifesaver!

This was Lucy after her first surgery in her Ivy Rose chair!  AW!

Snug Seat.  This is the company that sells the Britax Hippo Car Seat.  Usually this car seat is loaned out to families via their hospital, but unfortunately, we have word that a lot of hospitals don't have any in stock to loan.  Parents are stuck with a big bill for a car seat to get their casted child around in.  The regular retail price is $500, and with the promo code, they will be $400.  20% off!  It's still expensive, but every little bit helps!  (Promo Code to come asap!)

The Parent's Guide to Hip Dysplasia book. Author and friend, Betsy Miller is simply amazing.  This book covers everything you need to know as a parent of a child with DDH.  Betsy is offering to donate copies of the book, as well as free ebook downloads!  WOW!  Still finalizing details. More to come!
That's going to be great for our overseas friends, who pay a lot in shipping costs.

Amazon.  One of my favorite online shopping sites.  One Hip World has become an Amazon affiliate and is now receiving 4-6% back on all purchases made through this link.  You HAVE to enter and purchase through this link only.  I am now going to order everything on Amazon!  Diapers, baby food, household items, etc... We also get extra percentages if someone signs up for Amazon Mom or Subscribe and Save.  With Christmas coming up, we could really raise some serious funds!  If you have a facebook page or a blog, please link up and support One Hip World with this link!


Boba baby carriers.  Another great partnership from one of my favorite baby items.  Boba carriers are hip friendly and simple to use.  You can read here about my love for Boba!  They are sending me a few donated carriers to give away, and I am in talks with them of a promo code for us!  Hip Hip Hooray!
More info on how to enter soon.

Another cool thing I have just found and started using is called Receipt Hog.  What is it?  It's an app for your smartphone.  You snap photos of grocery receipts, including Target/Wal-Mart, all grocery stores, drugstores, and dollar stores.  I even snap pics of my receipt from Starbucks at Target.  Since it's at Target, it still counts!  You get points for each receipt submitted.  The company will send you a check once you have reached a certain amount!  It may not be a ton of money, but if we can have 100 people do it, sign over and mail their reward checks in to the IHDI, we could raise a lot!  So download the app if you can!  Super easy to use.  How they can do it is this: they track your age and area and see what you buy, then sell that info to marketing companies.  Great way to earn some do-rey-me.

So you know you can't get away without seeing a few pics of the babes, and hearing an update. :)
We are all doing great right now!  Lucy is still in physical therapy, and making improvements weekly!  She loves her preschool, and is going to be doing a walk a thon at the end of the month.  (sniff sniff!)  
Lily is perfect in every way, just like Lucy.  Bias?!  Nope.  It's true.  They both are simply perfect.  

I am so happy to be the parent/child advocate for an organization like One Hip World.  It's so dear to my heart, and I am ready to tackle this head on!

Thanks for reading, and let's kick some hip dysplasia butt! 

This is why Amazon is going to be so great for us!  NO MORE MALLS!  

Yep, that's my baby on the ferris wheel. She lasted about one minute then said DOWN!

I melt every single time I see this!  Preschool pic!
My little darlings after our 'spa day!'