Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun in the Arizona sun

So, continuing with the 'focusing on what we CAN do' theme...
Today was so fun!  
We went to a park called Freestone Park right here in Gilbert, AZ.  They have a railroad, a carousel, ducks to feed and beautiful landscaping! 
Lucy LOVES carousel rides.  She sees a carousel and starts dancing up a storm!  I thought this would be something fun for us to do together today.  
We went with one of our friends who has a baby girl a few days older than Lucy.  She also brought her 3 half-brothers and sisters, so there were kids galore!  Lucy, being the only child (so far), LOVES other kids.  She could watch kids playing for hours!  Just for her to be around other kids makes her day.  This was perfect! 
We rode the carousel FOUR times.  My head is still spinning and the feeling of hacking at any moment hasn't left yet.  BUT WHO CARES!  The baby loved it... and my whole life long mission is to make her happy, so I will deal with the spins.  Who knew, the carousel actually goes pretty fast.  At first Lucy's eyes turned to saucers, then she was like, 'YAHHHHH!!!!!!'  
After the carousel we headed over in line to ride the train.  It goes around the entire park.  Dani and her girl sat behind us, and Lucy started getting giddy!  She kept playing peek-a-boo and hiding her face from everyone.  Then the laughing and dancing started.  She is such a doll. (Bias?!  Maybe.  But it's true!)
I am still hating the looks and stares from people, but ya know what?!  Screw em.  (Excuse my french, again...) When we first got to the park, some lady actually gasped and pointed her finger at Lucy.  REALLY??  The lady wasn't worth my time, but I did have to say something at this point.  I said, 'really? Was pointing at my child necessary?  HOW RUDE.'  She apologized as I walked away.  It's a cast people, move on.  It's there to help her heal.  God forbid people like her EVER have to deal with anything in their lives.  She is lucky I am on good behavior lately. (haha)  I walked away thinking my normal, rational thoughts... 'Lucy is cuter, smarter and WAY more adorable than your kid even while IN her cast, so shut it lady!'  That's what I said to myself... and a few other choice words... haha!  It's hard because I really DON'T care, but I do... hard to explain.  Basically, I feel that it's none of anyone's business, but if they must know, ASK!  Don't point at people's kids.  ANYWAY... off that subject and on to our fun day. 
After we left the play area where the train rides are, we headed over to a shady spot and ate some chicken nuggets, applesauce and graham crackers... YUM!  I swear a big ol graham cracker chunk went in her cast, but I couldn't fish it out.  GROSS!  
We fed the ducks right before we left, and Dani presented Lucy with a 'Get Better Soon' basket!  It was so cool!  Toys, candy, you name it!  So awesome... Lucy LOVES presents... anything new to toss across the room and watch me run and pick up... good times.
Here are a few pics of our day today... Lucy had so much fun and is in dreamland now...ahhh, the silence in the house.  Makes me sleepy!

Have a great day blogging world! 

I refuse to look at the camera.  Won't happen!  

Feeding the duckies

How cool is this park?

Dancing with momma!

Sleepy baby!

Her awesome get well basket! Thanks Dani and Josie!

Lucy and co. just chillin!

WHOA the carousel is starting!  HOLY COW!!!!!!!



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  1. How fun! I'm glad you and Lucy had such a fun day, I love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures of Ms Goose. I have to tell you, she looks more and more like Aaron every day, She's beautiful. Hugs