Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Round 2

Well, here we are again.
Round 2 begins.
I have to say that this time around was WAY harder for me to deal with.  Ok, it was 'just' a cast change and no surgery, but mentally... I was pretty much done. 
For those of you who read this, you know that while in her last cast for 2 weeks, her femur somehow slipped out of the socket.  So yah... we were pretty much keeping our baby bound up in a spica cast for fun... practice... whatever you want to call it.  I call it SUCKY!
Anyways, we got a call the night before her cast change from Dr. Segal's nurse, asking us to come in even earlier.  As if 6:30 wasn't early enough, he wanted her there at 6.
Lucy didn't wake up on the right side of the bed.  I don't blame her.  She was crabby the entire drive there, and not to mention the post op room, which is super bright and loud.  Kids coming and going, crying, etc. 
Dr. Segal comes to talk to us, and told me the entire weekend he has had nightmares of the look on my face when he told me the femur slipped.  Ummm, yah... it wasn't pretty.  He explanied to us that he was going to simply pop the femur back into place and then re cast at another angle.  A 60 degree angle this time as opposed to a 40.  Big difference in the world of orthopedics. 
I asked him, well... begged him not to put a bar between her legs if he didn't have to.  So many of these casts have a huge bar.  I want to be able to hold her as close as I can.  I told the surgeon that our only outing is when we can bring her ride on toys to places, so PLEASE, if you can, no bar.  His answer was 'we will see.'  Crap.  I knew right then he was planning on using a bar.
I told him I want a purple cast (thinking it would be lilac in color, ready for Easter.)  Pink wasn't lucky last time for us.
His nurse took Lucy back, screaming all the way.  My heart literally shattered into a million pieces.  I just kept thinking, 'if this is the last time I see her, this is what I will remember.'  I know... dramatic, but you can't help worry when it's your baby.
We went downstairs to get some coffee, and the lady in line in front of me was bawling.  So was I.  I asked her 'is your child having surgery today?' and she said, 'no, we have been here for 2 weeks and we just want to go home.'  Ugh.
My husband was worried about me, of course, so I try not to freak too much in front of him since that stresses him out more.  I go into the bathroom and literally lose it.  'Cry like a baby' is the best term I can think of.  My poor little girl going through this AGAIN!  AND, to top it all off, it may not work.  I stood there totally helpless bawling like a 2 year old.  People were coming and going... I didn't care. 
I then get it together and we head upstairs to the waiting area, since this procedure was only supposed to be an hour.  We get up there and there is a family of about 8 or 9 people all bawling their heads off.  OH DEAR LORD, get me outta here!  I told my husband I have to wait in the hallway.  I can't be in this room.
The longest hour and ten minutes of my life went by.
Here comes Dr. Segal, covered in plaster, head to toe.  He says 'was I over an hour?!' and I say 'Ummm, yah you are late.'  haha.  He knows me by now.
So... all in all, the femur went in without a problem.  
My first question, of course, was 'is she ok?' and he said yes... Then I said, 'tell me about the cast.'  He smiled... hesitated and said, 'well, there is no bar if that's what you want to know.'  I seriously hugged him.  I know, dramatic again, but it's the little things at this point!  WHEW!
He did the cast this time, not the plaster tech. 
We went back and the nurse was feeding her a bottle.  She saw her momma and again... MY HEART STOPPED.  There she was... so little, so sweet and so perfect.  In every single way.  MY LOVE.
After we held her and kissed her, I noticed that the purple cast was hideous in color!  haha, who cares, right?!  Pink was prettier, but that's ok.  It can be ugly, just fix my kid!  The cast is WAY spread out now, but makes for easier holding on my hip.  Hopefully the bruises on my hip from the last cast will go away. 
Lucy got a CT scan, and it shows the femur is perfect.  Then again, it was perfect last time so who knows.
We got to go home the same day, and Lucy literally screamed from 9 am when she woke up until 5 last night.  Poor Aaron finally drove around with her until she fell asleep.  Horrible.  WAY worse than the first time. 
OH, and not to mention, she had the biggest dump when we got home!  Yep, all over the cast, all over my hands, GROSS.  GREAT... I am going to be stuck with this cast now and it WILL work since it's now dirty and the ugliest purple color.  haha.
Dr. Segal said if this cast is working, he is leaving this one on 8 weeks.  Great.  Ugly and smelly for not only 6, but 8 weeks.  :-)  Again, if it works, I don't care.  :-P
Sleep last night was rough, but to be expected.  The little goose came in to my bed and she held my hand all night long.  I loved it.  Whatever it takes to keep her happy.
So... we go in for a check up on Thursday.  Just hope and pray all is okay with little Lucy baby.  I know I say this all the time, but she is seriously the sweetest, best natured little girl God has ever made.  He saved the best for Aaron and I.  I know, I am bias, but it's true!  Can't fight the truth... :)
So now, we take it day by day.  Dr. Segal said that IF it slips out again, he is taking the cast off and giving us the summer off.  He will then do ANOTHER open reduction surgery with a different approach at the end of the year.  Which means, another cast, etc... Let's just hope it doesn't get to that.  We want the ugly purple cast to work!
So, there is the update.  I am staying positive and hoping and praying every day.  That's all I got! 
She is doing great today.  She woke up happy as can be, little or no pain, and is back to herself.  We are going to try to keep busy, stay on a routine and just get through it.  That's all.

Only the most beautiful girl in the world in the ugliest cast!
My new favorite quote.

The little monkey this morning waiting for her breakfast
Please stay there!


  1. I don't think the cast looks too ugly! We chose green for our second cast and I was pretty shocked at how bright she came out! : ) Your little girl is adorable and I hope that your time in the cast goes by as quickly as possible. It is so hard for me to believe that we are about 2 months from the one year anniversary of our daughter getting OUT of her cast! And what a wonderful day it is!! Prayers for you that that hip stays right where it is!!

  2. Duct tape now comes in a million colors and patterns and is a great way to vary the design of the cast. You can change it weekly or even daily, if you want. :)