Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Together we can, Together we will!

Happy Summer! 
Unless you live in Arizona, then you are melting right along with us at 115 degrees today!
We have been swimming almost every day to try to stay cool, and Lucy has become quite a little fish.  She has graduated from her first level of swim class, and just comes alive in the water.  
Wanted to share an amazing video made by a friend, Mrs. Gina Jay, founder of One Hip World.  Lucy and Lily are in it, and it's amazing!  I will warn you, it's a total tear jerker… to see all of these sweet little faces, and know the suffering that they have been through… it just reminds us of why we need to keep fighting and why we spread awareness about hip dysplasia.  
Here is the video: 

Pretty cool, huh?!  
Since I haven't posted for awhile, I thought I should tell you that we are about to wrap up 2 years of physical therapy.  Wrap up, as in go to monthly or bi-monthly visits.  Not sure what we will do every Monday morning without our Miss Hilary!

Lucy also was referred for custom orthotics.  Her previous inserts weren't working with her severe ankle pronation.  We were referred to a wonderful place, Orthotic Specialists here in Phoenix.  Ms. Barb, the owner, is truly a gift.  A gift to her industry, a gift to parents, and a gift to children.  Meeting a person like her, who has so much love and passion for what she does, truly restored my faith in people.  A real blessing.

Barb taking a cast mold of her foot.  You would think she would be afraid of a cast, but no.  She thought it was a princess slipper!

Ms. Barb.  You're the bomb!

The reason she needs custom orthotics.  This is after a year of wearing arch supports.  Her ankles just roll in :-(

Our new HIP shirts!!! (The band-aid on her chin…all drama)
Order your cool shirts HERE

YAY for my baby!  She graduated swim!

Watching Barb in the lab trimming them down to fit
Here they are… HIGH arch on these puppies…
She chose blue since blue is 'my favorite color EVER!'
On our little vacation to the mountains!
Her dream has come true
Best. Day. Ever.  Ariel is her favorite!
My two slices of perfection
Doesn't everyone wear a crown to physical therapy?!

I also have to share.  On a hip group that I am not very active on, someone posted that they found a great blog with tons of info on DDH.  Guess who!?  That's right… yours truly!  It made my day to see that.  Hopefully I am helping someone out there!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Karen and L squared!