Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Well, hello everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Finally, it's Christmas Day.  The best day of the year!
Aaron and I are just relaxing right now on the couch after a super busy, super stressful month.  The beautiful babe is napping like an angel, and I told him I wanted to work on my blog.  I honestly don't know if anyone reads it, but hey... I like to post on it in hopes of one family out there that is facing a hip surgery reading it... I hope they read it and say, 'WOW, I think we will make it through this!'  That's my hope!  So, it's kinda like my therapy in a way, knowing that someday, somewhere, I will be helping someone who was as freaked out as I was almost one year ago.
This year has been pretty rough.  We have faced some of lowest points in our lives, but also the some of the most rewarding.  It makes me sad to look at pictures from last year, when we had no idea and were in the dark about her hip being dislocated.  I look at our photos and see the gleam in our eyes, and I think 'gosh, if we would have only known then what we know now...'  It was early January that Lucy was diagnosed with DDH, so it's been almost a full year.  Hard to believe.
This month has been rough for us also. Facing another Christmas without my niece, the horrific shootings in Connecticut, and me being sick and having pre-term contractions and going in the hospital.  It's been a crazy month.  I lay down at night and think of those families who lost their little kids in the CT shootings, and it just kills me.  We have been praying for them every single night... The horror they must feel, the nightmares... I pray that God gives some strength and continues to give them the will to go on with life. I found myself complaining the other day about Lucy taking a one hour nap- and then I quickly stopped myself and thought, 'I can think of 20 families who would give their lives to be complaining about this right now, so stop it!'
I love Christmas SO much, and actually start preparing for it in October!  This year I never thought I would get the honor of seeing Lucy dance or walk at Christmas time... I read so many horror stories of DDH kids not being able to weight bear for months and months... This Christmas has been SO incredibly special since she can shake her little booty to Jingle Bells like no one's business.  Seriously, I don't take ONE single step for granted EVER.  Nothing can put a smile on my face like seeing Lucy run around and be a 'normal' kid...
I wanted to share some pictures of our Christmas season with you... I also have a video of my munchkin a few weeks ago dancing.  For those of you who have 'normal' kids without hip issues, you will still smile and appreciate this- but for those who are 'hip' parents, this may make you cry. :-)
Lucy's Christmas Dance

I hope you have had a VERY Merry Christmas!
I have said it before and I will say it again... Thank you God for all of my blessings... But my favorite one you have given me is 30 lbs, 3 ft tall and loves to dance to Jingle Bells.  AND says HO HO HO!  AND says 'BRRRR" when I ask her what a snowman says.  God has truly given us everything in Lucy.
Merry Christmas friends... From 65 degree sunny Arizona...

One of our SIX blow ups in the yard! She would kiss the bear every day!

San Tan Mall Carriage Ride

Waiting in line for the carriage ride and dancing with mommy

Santa came to Lucy's pre-school for a visit!

Here is Lily in 3D!  She is the luckiest kid ever. Not only because she has parents who love her so much, but she has Lucy as a big sister...

My Santa Babe

Yah, excuse the no make up. I was actually in pain and Aaron was saying SMILE!!!!  I really wasn't in the mood after being in the hospital a few hours...Contractions every 4 mins apart...

Lucy and her buddy Hannah playing after a craft night!

We wrote a letter to Santa and sent it to the North Pole

All the stuff (well, one of the three carts of stuff) we bought for our adopted family. A  mom, dad and 3 kids.

Silly Goose

Baby Lily is ready to come out!

Lucy and her boy cousins Christmas Day morning at our house

Seriously cute

Getting ready to twirl!

This kid got SO many presents!!!!!!!!!!!