Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little of this, a little of that...

I can't believe we are approaching week THREE!  That means, 1/4 of the way done. :-)
No, it's not going fast. Yes, each day seems like a year, but hey... We are getting through it.

Like I have said before, we have been keeping ourselves VERY busy.  Busy to the point that Lucy is so tired she is actually sleeping at least 9 hours at night, and I am in bed no later than 9 pm!  We are both super exhausted.  It's good though!  
Some days start with the 'I don't know how we are going to do this!' and others start with the 'ok, we are making progress...slowly!' 
Since we had a good 3 day x-ray, a good 2 week x-ray, the Dr. didn't need to see us back until her 6 week cast change appointment, which is scheduled for April 16th.  After a hard day on Sunday, I wrote him and asked if he is opposed to doing a 4 week x-ray.  To some that may sound crazy, but you know what?  Her hip has moved while in the cast before, and if it does it again, I would rather know at 4 weeks than at 6!  Like I said, each day has it's challenges, so the Dr. agreed to putting my mind at ease and doing another x-ray.  Once the cast is changed at 6 weeks, I will feel better.  If it stays in socket, at 6 weeks there will be some stability, and I won't be as worried as I am now.  SO... we go in for her x-ray March 30th.  FINGERS CROSSED!
I swear, sometimes when I move her I feel like I hear/feel things moving!  I know it's in my mind, but it's still worrisome!  
Basically, the scary part is this: IF (which we hope not) the hip for some reason has slipped again, the cast comes off and we move on til after summer.  Then we face the same procedure, but a different approach.  This is NOT what we want.  We have come this far now, let's just get it over with!  The Dr. won't do anything for a few months because of the 'trauma' it can cause to that area.  UGH... let's hope not.  The last x-ray he said 'looks a little high' so he sent it to radiology.  It's so hard to see an x-ray clear through a huge cast.  Radiology confirmed it's in socket.  YAH!
So... we have been passing our days with fun, family and friends!
Last night Lucy's 2 little cousins came to visit.  They blew bubbles and Lucy laughed and laughed!  SO fun.  We have done a trip to the aquarium, a visit to the farm, and story time at the library.  Anything to get out before this weather gets too hot!
Today after the aquarium we went to lunch, and had the patio to ourselves.  Aaron held Lucy and got up and danced around with her to the music!  SO cute.  She laughed and laughed.  That was one of the 'moments' I will remember forever.  As we left, Aaron said 'this is one of the best days of my life.'  :-)  I mean, what is better than to have a beautiful daughter, dance on the patio, fun at the aquarium, and hear Lucy laughing all day?!  Pretty much heaven to us!
Lucy has been VERY clingy lately to Aaron and I.  New places, new people, even people she knows well... she gets nervous and clings to us.  That's ok, once she is out of her cast I expect to have the same outgoing baby I did before!
Here are some pics of our last few weeks...  


She is perfect positioning for horseback riding!  Thanks Dani for showing us around your family's awesome farm!
(As you can tell, Lucy is NOT fond of the horse and freaked out in about 3 seconds flat.)

Lucy and her buddy Josie and baby chicks!

Slim protecting baby sister

Daddy is a total sucker!  

Fun at the bookstore on a rainy day!

SO cool!

Walking at the park

Chillin'' at home.  Deep conditioning her hair, watching movies and playing!

Could I love her any more??? NOPE!  Not even possible.

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  1. I'm so glad she is doing so well, and her mommy,too. I pray for all concerned in this. You're doing awesome, Karen. Hang in there. Hugs and kisses to MS GOOSE. from...AKTG