Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting ready. Again.

Well, tomorrow is our last day... again... before the 1st/2nd cast is on.  Confusing, huh?!  
I am preparing now for bringing home my big, huge casted little baby!  It's insane how one tiny little hip bone requires a cast the size of a small country.  Crazy...
We are trying to enjoy our weekend cast free... I have been trying to let Lucy have some freedom, although I don't want her to get too wild, since the tendons in her left hip area where the surgery was done, are cut!  Honestly, you would never know.  She crawls, stands up and tries to walk.  After 2 weeks of being in a cast, it's like nothing was there at all.  One little patch of dry skin, that's it.  Other than that, business as usual.  CRAZY!
I still am just as upset and nervous as I was the first time around.  This time, it isn't a 'surgery.'  No cutting thank goodness, just a repositioning of the leg since the tendons are already loose, and a new cast.  The surgeon wants to cast her knee a bit higher this time.  It's all about the perfect angle.  And let me tell ya, it better be perfect!  This time around we will go in for a 3-4 day post op check up instead of a 2 week.  He will want to monitor this very closely to ensure this doesn't happen again.  (again, he better make sure it doesn't.)
It's sad... there are so many mixed emotions with this.  Again, yes... it's a cast.  Yes, it sucks.  But goodness gracious, can't it just stay the heck put so she can run and play with the other kids?!  Makes me sad... 
Also, the nervousness... what if this happens again?!  I have this horrible fear of this becoming years and years of this and it's truly scaring the heck out of me.  
All I keep thinking is the George Michael song... 'Ya gotta have FAITH.  Oh you gotta yes ya gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith, ya gotta have faith!'  That's about all I got right now, so this tiny little bone better fit back in the tiny little hip and stick in there this time.
I am on multiple groups of parents going through the same thing.  It helps, but also hurts because you hear the horror stories of bad surgeons.  You also get to hear the success stories and tips, too, which is great to hear, but I have to keep telling myself each child is different.  Each case is different... I am going to try to limit my time on those boards since it can make me crazy some days.
In the meantime, we are getting the house ready... again.  I tried to keep everything normal before.  She slept in her crib (except for the first night home) and kept the same schedule.  
Those who know me know that I am TYPE A to the extreme.  Even being as insane as I am, there are a few things/tips I wanted to share since I know people who are having the same surgery done in a matter of weeks, and I think this will help them!  Some of these same tips really helped me...
Also, I am including a few pics of the sweetest, most amazing baby in the world.  Yep, you heard it folks!  She totally is...  And like my husband told me the other day, 'Lucy is going to get US through this.'  So true.  Anywho... say a million prayers that this one sticks and wish us luck for Monday... :)

A video game bean bag chair.  A must.  This is where I do her sponge baths.

The kitchen counter.  BIBS so the cast doesn't get wet or dirty, binkys galore, and a 'meds' box
Have all of this ready to go since you don't want to be searching for things!
This includes her pain meds from the hospital, infant advil and gas drops.  Since she doesn't move around a lot, gas drops are a must.

Her wagon.  I prop pillows in here and off we go.  She loves it.

For those who think you will get sleep for the time your child is casted, think again.  COFFEE will keep you going!

Umm, hello perfect!  We went swinging at the park today. Cutest baby EVER.  :-)

Ok, this sounds insane. (don't you know me by now?!)  I save all the ads we get in the mail.  She loves to rip paper.  She can sit for hours ripping and making a mess, so we have an 'ad' bag.  Crazy...

Have the bath kit ready to go.  Washcloths, soap, q tips, everything.  The last thing you want is to have a naked (well, kinda) baby mad as heck because you are getting up to get stuff.  Have it all ready to roll.

Pillows.  All shapes, all sizes.  These ones are bean bag ones.  Walgreens has them right now 2 for $10.  

And keep in mind, this is what you look forward to AFTER the cast.  :-)

Love of my life!

Ok, back to the supplies... A 'diaper change' toy kit.  I lay her on the Boppy pillow on the bed to change her.  The diapering takes some time, so have a box of toys to play with (or an iPhone!) to keep her happy while changing.

Yes, I know.  2 strollers, 1 baby.  I hate to even admit I have ANOTHER one which makes THREE!
One inside, one outside (of the little umbrella ones) then the one on the right is our Baby Jogger which is amazing!  She can still fit in it with her cast.  It's the difference of driving a Kia or a Bentley... :)  SOOO smooth!

Ok, yes. I am insane.  She has a new toy ready to go for each week when she gets bored.
Don't judge!  YES I spoil her.  NO I don't care if she's spoiled.  haha... She is perfect so she can have whatever she wants.

Diapers. Have them ready to go!  I use size 1 diapers for the inside the cast part, and size 6 on the outside.  I don't have a tiny kid, so these are better.  The newborn ones were just wayyyy too small.  The hospital recommended those ones, but nope.  Didn't work.

So there you have it.  Welcome to our lives.

A few more things I wanted to add:

  1. Binky holder!  She couldn't move that much to get her binky in the night, so I clipped one on her at all times so it's easy to find.  She kept it in for pretty much 2 weeks!  Made her feel safe.
  2. LOWER the crib!  We forgot to do that and came home from the hospital with a tired, freaked out baby who was screaming while I realized she was way too heavy and bulky to put all the way down in the crib like normal.  We raised it up to the highest point it could go since she can't stand in it anyways... She has only slept with me 1 night out of the last 14 months.  That was the night she came home from surgery.  I want her to stay in her crib where she is comfortable.
  3. Have food ready. The last thing you need is to be worrying about cooking.  We went to Costco and got tons of pre made meals and frozen veggies to have.  Remember, the baby won't fit in a shopping cart with this cast on, so if you are going alone, you only can buy what the stroller allows you to fit.  So... hit the store ahead of time.
  4. IVY ROSE SPICA CAST CHAIRS.  This isn't even an option NOT to have.  It's where the baby eats and plays.  It's a must and has been a life saver!

Hope someone, somewhere out there will benefit from this.  I know I asked for lists and tips from the 'pros' and it really helped me. :)  

Take care... over and out from sunny Arizona...


  1. Hello! Just wanted to say 'hi', stumbled upon your blog from pinterest (I think!) daughter is 14 months old and will be getting a spica put on in two weeks. We are trying to get everything in order, thank you so much for your list..very helpful! It is always so helpful to connect with other parents who have gone through this! Our older daughter's name is Lucy, lovely choice of names :) Thanks again!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for your comment!
      Please join our Facebook DDH group! It's amazing!

  2. Thank for this, my daughter just had her surgery today and will be in a spice for 3 to 4 months.. Every tip help!

  3. Thank you for all of this information!! my 14 month old is going through all of this in a few weeks! you are a life savor!!