Monday, October 17, 2011

You see, it's funny...

Ok, I have been having these little 'ah-ha' moments recently.
Sometimes I notice Lucy playing with other babies, and watch her freak out when another kid looks at her toy and I think... Hmmm... Slim and Double are the same way!  
Lucy tends to be a tad bit of a 'drama queen' when it comes to other babies.  (Shocking I know!)  She will be the first one to crawl over to the toys and other kids, but also the first one to cry when someone looks at her wrong.  

Now, all of the 'holier than thou' mommas out there won't like when I say this, but honestly... animal rescue (bulldogs in particular) has taught me so much about being a parent! 
Yes, Yes I know they are dogs, and babies are human... but I believe LOVE and COMPASSION is pretty universal, whatever species you may love!
Here are a few 'funnies' that remind me just how much I have learned over the years!  
Enjoy....And SMILE!  :-)  


1. If you THINK you smell something 'off' you probably do!  (I have never been wrong on this!)

2.  Don't put a ton of toys on the floor to play with. Overstimulation!  A few is good enough, not the entire collection.

3. Do not. I repeat, DO NOT put toys in the middle of 2 babies and expect them not to fight.  It will happen.  They want the SAME toy. (Just like bulldogs!)

4.  When in public, parents of doggies and babies openly discuss poop, feedings, and anything and everything.  This is normal.  Also, scheduling of play dates happens for dogs and babies too!

5.  Anything and everything is a choking hazard.

6.  Sleeping is a thing of the past.  For those who have babies, yep... you get it.  For those with bulldogs, if you can sleep through the farting and snoring, more power to you.  I sure can't!

9.  They absolutely hate Halloween costumes. 

10. Divide and conquer.  Some parents let their kids run all over like wild banchees.  Not here at the Farrish crib.  Baby gates and play pens are our best friends.  No need to start letting them think they run the house from day 1.  (Even though they do.)  The parents have to be the boss.  Period.

11.  They don't always need a brother or sister.  Nothing wrong with having one and giving them all the attention!  They don't always want a 'friend to play with!'

SO yes... being a parent to my 2 bullies before baby Lucy came along helped get me ready... haha. 
Here are a few pictures of the Farrish crew.
Happy Monday!  

So cute!

Double says 'who is this?!'

Brother SLIM