Thursday, March 17, 2016

Here we go again

I have neglected this blog for close to 3 years!
Neglecting it because we have been busy living life and trying not to let hip dysplasia take any more of our days...
Well, here we are.
In a nutshell...
Our beloved Dr. Segal has moved. We have a new surgeon at PCH. Lucy needs a femoral osteotomy.

Lots to take in.
I haven't posted too much about it on Facebook since talking about it makes it a little too real... but tonight, it's real no matter what.
Tomorrow at 7:30 is surgery.

There are a lot of unknowns... cast? Maybe. More than the femoral osteotomy? Maybe. He won't know until he gets the dye in and checks out her hip... So, for a control freak like me, having no real plan is KILLING me.
This afternoon I got a phone call from our first surgeon, Dr. Segal. He wished us luck tomorrow and answered a few questions. Can I just say that there are certain people who just enter your lives, change it for the better, and you just have a special bond? That's us with Dr. S. My heart hurts thinking of being at PCH without him.
Now, our new surgeon is Dr. Peter Masso. He came from Shriners on the east coast, and so far, so good. He seems like a good guy, and an experienced surgeon. He sure has some big shoes to fill, and he better get this hip fixed!
There's so much I could say, so much to get out...but, I have to be awake at 3:45 am and I am needing some rest. I have to be prepared to send my beautiful girl off for the 4th time with someone who is going to put her under and perform surgery. Makes me ill thinking about it, but I know it's what is best.
Honestly, this time I have been fairly calm... The day of the appointment, I lost my mind a little, but I just know it's all of the prayers that we are getting from literally around the globe! I feel them! I honestly do. I appreciate every single text, call, everything. I even came home tonight to a gift bag for Lucy on my front door step. I feel the love and prayers, and it means the world to our family!

I will post after her surgery tomorrow.
See you on the other side...

Her left femur... notice how it's not pointing inward like the right side? 

SO special to spend this spring break week with her friends. We have the nicest people in the world to support us!

Had to take this. I am going to miss this the most in the next 8 weeks. GOSH I LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH!!!!!!!

This week we got all of the jumping out that we could!

Let's do this, TEAM LUCY!

Supporting her sissy

So hard for me to send this perfectly happy and healthy kid in for surgery. One look at her x-rays and it's a no brainer, but seriously!? She's a wild monkey!

At dad's work picnic

Reading HOPE the Hip Hippo book trying to prepare

We had her preschool friends over for movie night! 

Daddy daughter dance. These two mean the WORLD!!!!!


Lucy's preschool buddies

Last day of freedom


Look at all the awesome kids that joined us to celebrate Lucy and wish her good luck. We are SO blessed to have the nicest people surrounding us!
The BEST family. School. Teachers. Friends. Kids.

Yes, this sucks, but if we have to go through it, there isn't one thing I would change about our amazing support system. These awesome moms have our meals covered until May!
BLESSED beyond words.