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Diapering and other tricks

Good morning all of my friends, family, and whoever else reads this! :-)
It seems like yesterday when I first found out that Lucy needed surgery and a cast.  I searched the internet like a mad woman trying to figure things out.  I kept thinking, 'OH MY GOSH how are we going to do this.'  The diapering scared me the most.  
Lucy is a child who has NEVER... yep, I said, NEVER had diaper rash!  She also has never gone more than 2 days without a bath, and that is very rare!  Bath, hair washing, baby lotion... I love my kid being super clean and smelling delish.
I decided to do this post today to help other mommas out there who are just as nervous as I was.  The diapering is by far the worst part of the cast.  That... and keeping them entertained, but that is a post for a whole other day. :-)
We are at the early stages of week 5 in the spica cast, and the surgeon wants this cast to stay on for EIGHT weeks.  So I have my work cut out for me.  My mission is to keep this cast as clean as can be.  So far, so good.
I have read many posts on diapering and cleaning, but I really kinda have my own 'groove' and it's working.  
Last night, Lucy slept almost 12 hours.  HALLELUJAH!  I woke up before she did.  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  Yep, the diaper was falling apart, but NO leaks and no redness.  BA-BAM!  I have never been one of those moms to wake their kid up to change them.  If she wakes up on her own, of course, I will change her.  Right now she needs all the rest she can get.  The little armadillo is healing still!  I just rely on my diapering technique and diapers to work!  And it does!  I also try not to over do her liquids an hour before bed.  Of course, we are in HOT Arizona, so I would never restrict her liquids, I just watch.  I do her bottle a bit early, and a few sips of juice before bed. 
Like I have said before, I prefer Pampers Swaddlers Diapers.  SO worth the extra do-re-mi.  There is a built in 'wetness indicator' so you can just open up the top diaper, peek in, and change if necessary.  Trust me.  The amount of time and energy it takes to diaper, you want to make sure you are only doing it when needed. :-)

OK, so heeeeere we go...  
Hopefully this will help someone, someday out there!  I know how it feels to be panicking, searching online, and worried about everything... Trust me.  SO many of us were there!  
I also have included a few more tricks and products that have worked for us. 

Happy Diapering!

Ok, before I do anything I check her cast for rough edges.  Sorry this pic is blurry.  Its around her waist.  I put some of the 3M micro foam tape on the rough spots then duct tape it down

The BEST BEST BEST product ever.  A must have!  I apply this before she goes to bed every night.

Wait, off diapers for a second.  In her spica chair (Ivy Rose Spica Chair) she always is sliding toys around!
All I do is pick up toys.  UNTIL NOW!  I just got some of the liner you use in shelves, and put her toys on that.  NO SLIP!

Another must have.  The hospital will send you home with some. TAKE as much as you can get.
3M microfoam tape

Couldn't live without it.  After I take off her diaper, I wipe the inside of the cast with this.  Take the stink out and kills germs.

Ok, diapering!  I use a size 2 on the inside.  I have a big girl!  Pull off the velcro tabs.
Then I open up all the elastic FLAT.  From top to bottom.  Elastic has to be facing outwards or you will have leaks.

Make sure you have something to keep em busy!  I prefer the iPad!  She watches little shows and videos while I change her.  I know, spoiled... :-) I change her on the spare bed and she just lays on a pillow

I use a size 6 on the outside.  I lay the size 6 diaper flat,  then put my size 2 on top.  Notice on the smaller diaper, the elastic is even open and flat at the top.  ALL over.  Don't forget this!

Lift up baby and slide the 2 diapers under the bum.  At night, I  put the smaller diaper more towards the back, and in the day it goes a little more to the front.  Her cast isn't even on both sides, so I try to line it up the best I can.

Stuff the little diaper in there smoothly.  I almost try to 'fold' it in, always thinking of the elastic and keeping that as far on the outside as you can.  

I know some people turn their kiddos on their tummy for the next part, but I don't.  One leg up, stuff it in the back.(Notice she doesn't budge from watching the iPad)

....and the other side.  stuff, stuff stuff... smooth smooth smooth... I use my pointer finger and smooth it around the top/back.

Voila!  Notice the little yellow mark in the diaper.  This turns blue when she is wet.  

I always have to re-tape this area around her leg.  Drives me nuts.  Her leg hits it just right and rubs.  UGH.

YAY!  All clean, diapered and ready to party with mom.  I re-use the top diaper all day as well.  The size 6 is a bit snug over the cast, so by the end of the day it's perfect and stretched out.

 So, there ya have it!

It's really not THAT bad, but sure as the world, the minute you change them, they poop.  Never fails!
I have noticed that Lucy gets 'backed up' while in her cast a lot.  I give her PRUNES.  (GASP!!!!!)  Yep, I said it.  PRUNES.  The baby food prunes, the small jar.  She gets half a jar a day to keep things moving.  When they don't move around, they get constipated, so it helps!  We also do apple juice and applesauce as well.  I try to stay away from too much cheese and too much cereal.  If we do baby cereal, then I always add fruit to it.  I haven't had any problems with a blow out except for the first day in her cast.  She was so upset from the hospital adventure that she blew out BIG TIME!
OK, hope this helps!

Have a great day friends...

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