Monday, February 20, 2012

Our first few days home...

We are finally home from the hospital with the babester.  (Yep, that's her nickname... Sometimes it's just simply 'sters'... :)
The first day home was pretty much horrible.  We didn't know how to hold her, we didn't know how to move her, she knew we were nervous. etc... She was uncomfortable, fussy and momma had a full on breakdown.  Not pretty.
The first night she would wake up with muscle spasms, jerking and jumping and crying pretty much every 15 minutes.  I brought her in bed with me, and she literally squeezed onto my arm and held me all night.  As a parent, that RIPS your heart out.  I just kept stroking her forehead and telling her 'the owie will be gone in a few months,  I promise.'  KILLS ME!
Well, here we are now... the weekend has passed and we are doing so good!  She is happy, feeling good, and a true rock star! :)  She still does her signature 'touchdown' move, bobs her head to music, and kicks her one leg that is still moveable!  GO GOOSE!  Get it!!!  (Goose is her other nickname... as you can tell, there are many!)
Her incision is visible through the cast, so it looks good, and doesn't seem to hurt her anymore.
I know most people think it's 'just a cast' but it's not.  It's freaking body armor! It goes up to her chest and there is an opening the size of your hand for her privates to get cleaned.  Yep, you heard it.  A small opening to shove a tiny diaper UP IN the cast, then put a bigger diaper on the outside to hold it in.  It sucks!  Every time I have seen her make the 'I'm gonna poop face' I am like 'Oh dear Lord, please don't let it leak into the cast.'  So far so good.
So diaper changes happen often.  I am such a freak with Lucy being clean and fresh, and the cast is really screwing that up!  She got her first sponge bath yesterday, along with a head dunk in the sink to wash her stinky hair... She thought that was pretty funny.
It's been so nice to have family and friends come visit us, a new lap to sit on, a new face to look at.
I already hate this cast... BUT... under the cast is my squishy baby girl with a beautiful perfect hip!  It's all fixed, this is just the healing time.
We have had to make many changes in our house.  The spare bed is now the 'diaper room.'  I put her on a boppy pillow to change her now on top of the bed since she can't fit on the diaper changing table.
Her crib mattress had to be moved up to the top again since it's impossible to lift her in and out if it was lower. There are special tables, strollers, wagons... you name it.  I have more things in my house to accommodate this darn cast, and don't you know... every single item is getting donated to another family.  I am going to ask our Dr. if we can leave the items with him when we are done with the cast and another family facing this cast can have it all.  Take it.  Bye bye.  I don't ever want to be reminded of this cast again!
We have a long way to go still.  I got her first post-op check appointment set for next week... Then it will be her cast change appointment.  (Requires anesthesia yet again... UGH!) BUT... after that... this darn thing is coming off.  I just keep dreaming of that day. I am seriously going to hold Lucy that entire day and just pet her thighs!  (haha)
Anywho... one day at a time.  That's what I keep thinking.
For any parent facing this surgery thinking, 'my kid's spirit will be broken'... So not true.  Lucy has been a joy the last few days, even with the pain medicine backing off.  She has been herself.  Just not moving. :-(
BUT.. no cast. No person, no NOTHING is going to keep me from loving on this baby.
If this is even possible, I almost feel like I love her more (again, I thought that was impossible) because of her strength. I am SO proud of her. What a trooper.
I think the next 3 months is the only time in my life that I want time to go fast.
Here are a few pictures....

On our walk to see the horses down the road

YAY my brother D! (Notice the chucking of the bottle)

Watching TV with my Aunt

My Auntie Melanie loves me!  She helped with my first sponge bath

High Five Uncle TJ!

This pic is blurry because Daddy was dancing with me!  WOOHOO!

Cold baby girl this morning

               My grandma and grandpa Farrish came to visit me! They brought a balloon too! Score!

My special Ivy Rose Spica Cast table!  Made just for me. Bulldogs of course!

This is where I eat and play with toys

Dang, my chair is so cute!

Thanks Stephanie for this table!

There are no side restrictions on it so I can sit comfortably

                          Yah, and for those who think it's 'just a cast'... Ummm, NO.  Body armor.
                                                    85 more days. But who is counting?!

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