Saturday, February 25, 2012

California Dreamin'

As I sit here, relaxing... Lucy is napping... Dog's are snoring...
I am dreaming of our family vacation 2012!
To celebrate my little girl's new life, cast free and perfect hip... we decided to go all out and book a trip for 2 weeks.
Destination: La Jolla, California.  Heck yes.  Can we say AMAZING?!  Amazing shopping, food, beach and weather.  It truly doesn't get any better!  Especially when Phoenix will be topping the charts at 110 degrees daily, a nice 78 degree day will feel so great!
For those of you who don't know where La Jolla is, it's just north of San Diego.  Which means... you guessed it!  We will TOTALLY be hitting Sea World!
Our family will all be in and out at different times throughout the 2 weeks due to work.  Since my mom, Lucy and I are lucky... we will be there the entire time.  You are going to have to evict me outta there!
We were going to book this trip for July, but decided to do August because we want the most time we can for Lucy's hip to be perfect.  Just in case... better safe than sorry.  I want her to build her muscle strength back so she can run like the wind in the sand.
So like I said, we went all out.  Not only are we hitting 'THE' best vacation spot, we rented a beautiful house only SIX houses from the beach.  YEP.  You can peek out of your front door and see the beach.  About 50 steps out of our front door and Lucy's tiny little feet will be in the sand.  (smile)
If you are going to do a trip, DO a trip.  No half-assing it.  (haha)  This is a celebration trip and we are going to party it up!
We rented a crib and a beach wagon.  I am also planning on bringing a blow up pool for the backyard for those beautiful nights when we can sit outside and grill.  Oh wait.  Who are we kidding?!  I mean, sit outside, drink some wine, then GO OUT for a fabulous dinner.  (haha)  Remember, it's a vacation.  No cooking for this momma.  Unless it's cereal or a sandwich...
Of course, my baby doll is going to need a new swimming suit... They have tons of cute ones out now, but I have no clue what size she will be, so I will hold off until July to buy one...
This trip has really kept me going, and given me something to look forward to.  It brings a smile to my face to think that this whole experience will be behind us, and we will all be there together... as a family... to celebrate.  I will be the happiest gal in California once I see Lucy's face light up when she sees the ocean.
My parents, sister, bro-in-law and husband are all going.
I can't wait!

Is it August yet?!
Here is the link to our beach house.
Are you totally dying over how cute it is?!

 I can see us out there right now!

Windansea beach, just steps from our house!

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