Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 1- surgery and a cast

OK.  Well, it's almost 9 pm, and this day is almost over.

We arrived at PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital) at 5:30 am to check in.  We were directed to the orthopedic floor after paying our crazy deductible!
We waited... and waited... every other kid was checked in... we are waiting.... and waiting some more. Our surgery was scheduled for 7 am.
Lucy is starving, cranky, tired... you name it.  Mom and Dad are stressed to the max.
We get called into pre-op, and they have us change her into a gown and wait for the doctor.  HOURS go by.  No joke.  Hours.
Lucky us, we got bumped due to the fact the surgery AFTER ours wouldn't work at that time, so we got moved.
Lucy keeps going in my bag and getting out the puffs to eat!  She was so hungry, but couldn't eat or drink.
Finally, after walking the halls, going to the playroom, singing, iPad-ding, dancing, peek-a-boo-ing... I was outta tricks!  We turned off the lights and I laid down with Lucy in the bed and she napped.
(I love this kid!)
All of this going on, of course, with shaking from the inside out and bursts of tears when the baby isn't looking.
Ok, so finally, Dr. Segal comes in, turns the lights on and is ready to talk about surgery...
CRAP!  It's really happening!
I sit up in the bed (Lucy still asleep) and have a full on- medical grade breakdown.  The Dr. has a resident training with him, and his eyes were as big as saucers.  Again... yes, they have seen it before.  I don't know if they have seen it 'Karen-style.'
Long story short, Dr. Segal said 'I will take care of her as if she was my own.' This made me bawl even more!  Dang it!
His nurse (super cool male nurse) kept trying to take Lucy and I kept telling him to give me a few more minutes... back off dude! I told him I still like the fact that I can change my mind and run outta here.
He gave me my time to squeeze those adorable thighs, kiss her legs, and hold her close.  Word to the wise: don't mess with a momma and her cub!
Just as I went to hand Lucy over to him (mind you, Lucy hates strangers...) Lucy smiled at me and waved bye bye!  Are you kidding me?!  It warmed my heart and left me standing there, the saddest and most proud mother in the world.  My little girl is tougher than me.  Dang, I love this kid.
Ok... so since our Dr. knew I am a total freak... (and people say all parents are... not true.  We were in the waiting room with some pretty calm people that were all staring at me like an insane person.)
Our Dr. kept sending out people to talk to us and update us.  It made me feel so good.  Surgeons don't have to do this.  No one else in the waiting room got that kind of care.  Their surgeons barely peeked their head around the corner to yell at them that their child was in the recovery room.  This made it final that Dr. Segal was/is the best choice.  I knew it the minute I met him.  I told him he is now a member of my family. haha. He is probably like, 'Oh Lord, please no.'
3 long hours later, I see Dr. Segal walk out... slowly.  My heart was pounding so hard, and he put his hands out and said, 'she's great!'
HOLY COW if this wasn't the best feeling in the world.  I don't care what her cast looks like.  MY BABY IS OKAY.  He showed us her x-rays and said he wants a CT scan asap to make sure the hip is in place.
We go with him back to see Lucy.  Aaron and I have never moved so fast.  It was like a marathon.
There she was.
In a hospital bed hooked up to an IV.  MY BABY.  MY LOVE.  MY EVERYTHING.
She was on oxygen, and just waking up.  I can't explain the feeling.  The worst is over.
The nurse brought Lucy a bottle of apple juice and she sucked it down like nobody's business.  That's my girl.  Never missed a meal!
Dr. Segal came in to discuss her CT scan and said, 'it's perfect, the femur is EXACTLY where it's supposed to be, so now it just has to heal.'  Did I ever doubt this surgeon?  Nope!
The cast is heavy as heck, bulky and awkward.
I seriously don't care.  I am the happiest mom in the world to have my baby safe.
No fever, eating, drinking, perfect heart rate, and came through this like a champ.
That's MY GIRL.

Tomorrow we should be able to go home!

THANK YOU to all of my friends and wonderful family for their support via texts, hanging out with us here at the hospital (Jana I LOVE you and Leia too!) emails, and a very special Backyardigan balloon came all the way from our dear friend Naomi in California.
It just brings me to tears to know the LOVE out there and care for my baby.
I even got a text from the VP of operations at The Venetian Hotel in Vegas.  Yes, I know him. :-)
Lucy has friends in high places.  I am truly BLESSED.
Tonight, as I sleep (probably for an hour until L wakes up to be changed) I am seriously thanking God for my friends and family and little baby.

Night all. <3

More pics to come. She's been sleeping so I don't wanna bug her with the cast pics.

Here she is about 2 mins out of anesthesia


  1. Wow, this brought me to tears...Sounds like our story to a "T"....I am so glad your little girl is doing awesome...I just want to reach out and give you a big hug!! This will be the hardest day, everything from here gets easier (except the messy, leaky diapers, but you'll figure it all out! :) Glad your little baby girl is back in your arms - that is where she belongs!! :) Big "hippy" hugs!! :)

  2. Brought tears to my eyes as well!!! So glad Goose is doing great! We are constantly thinking and praying for you three - stay strong :) Love, Mike and Kelly

  3. Another Hip Mama just stopping by. Hope things continue to go great and she wasn't too ticked when she came to her senses.

    All the best