Thursday, February 23, 2012

Keeping it all in perspective

Well, week 1 is almost complete!  I am blown away at how fast this week has gone.
I am trying not to see this whole experience in 'weeks', but in days.  Every night before bed I say to myself, 'ok, one more day down.'
For those of you who know Lucy, know she is just about the most amazing thing in the world. Duh! :-)  BUT... I never thought that her being in a cast where she can't move, can't bend and can't crawl or walk would keep her in perfect spirits.  This kid is amazing.  Of course, people told me that and I never believed them.  She acts just like Lucy.  She kisses, hugs, barks at the dogs and enjoys going places with mommy.
We have tried to keep our 'going out' limited since she is still healing, but man... next week I think we will be at her Gymboree class again!  I am going to take her to the younger class so she doesn't have to watch the other kids walk and crawl... she can sit on my lap and do songs and games.  (I don't want to make her sad!)
Sleeping has not been a happening around here much, but I can't blame her.  She is trying to roll at night and can't.  So... mommy gets up and re-positions her as often as needed.  The bags under my eyes are HUGE, but guess what, oh well.
Keeping this whole journey in perspective... I keep thinking about the parents and families of children who have to do this EVERY day of their lives, with no end in sight.  I have 3 months.  90 days.  Big whoop.  Suck it up!  Children with cerebral palsy and many other special needs don't have the luxury of having their casts or limitations over with in 90 days.  They live like this.  So therefore I have decided NOT to complain about this or feel sorry for myself.  Those parents are TOUGH.  They have no choice but to be tough.
Soon her cast will be off, and our lives will resume.  Not everyone is that lucky.  Her hip (under this cast) is PERFECT!  It's healing and getting better every single day.  If I am going to have to deal with any medical issues with my baby girl, I will choose this.  Something fixable.
Brings me to another point that our surgeon said.  He said a lot of parents are so scared of dealing with the surgery and the cast that they 'stick their heads in the sand' and don't fix this.  They say, 'well, I will take my chances and she can have a hip replacement and deal with it in 20 years.'  Ummm, not my kid.  If I can jump off a freaking mountain to make her life better, I will do it!  ANYTHING.  This has been a stressful ordeal, but when I see her walk for the first time, PERFECT and without a hobble, the entire world will stop for a second, and I will look back on this and know we chose the right option.  YAY for my baby!

Speaking of Lucy's surgeon, Dr. Lee Segal.  Have I said how much I adore him?  He told us after her surgery how it was 'his privilege' to do her surgery.  He is the director of Orthopedics at the Hospital.  What a guy.  Seriously.  I emailed him a few questions the other day, within an hour I had a reply.  If anyone reading this is wanting the kind of surgeon who you feel truly cares, PLEASE contact him!  He is truly a step above the others.

We have spent our first week keeping so busy!  Momma's back muscles are SO strong now!
We had our very first outing at Home Depot.  Fun Fun!  I was shocked at how many people were staring at Lucy.  Seriously people?!  It's a cast.  Get over it.  Obviously they don't know this momma very well, because any more staring will get them a swift right left to the face!  haha!  (I watch WAY too much reality TV guys... Mob Wives is my favorite, and when I start talking 'tough' my husband says, 'OK Mob Wife.')
We also went to Fresh and Easy market where we got some yummy snacks for the babester.  Tons of family have come to be with us this week, which has been so great!
Grandpa Bob came over yesterday with a huge bucket of toys.  He sat with Lucy and played and played so I could get my nasty car washed. :-)
Grandma Nancy came over last night, and brought me some more nightgowns.  I LIVE in these!  Forget dresses.  They don't fit as well!  These are a MUST for any baby girl in this cast and who wants to look and feel amazing!  Carters Nightgowns!

Here are some pictures of our first week. Can you believe it?!  OH, and no diaper grossness in the cast yet. I don't even want to explain how I clean her.  It's just way too graphic.  LOL!  But hey, it works!
I hope you guys are enjoying keeping up to date with Lucy via this blog.  I am so lucky to have such great friends that have been calling and e-mailing so much... It's just nice to be able to post updates one time every few days to keep friends and family all up to date. :-)

Hugs and kisses from a girl in a bright pink cast.....

                                                             At Home Depot with momma

            I still look amazing!  I stole momma's sunglasses and now I ride in my car seat like this.

                                             Bumpin up and down in my little red wagon.....


                                                        Thank you Kelly for my new toy!

                                                    Chillin' and drinkin' on my daily walk

                                                             I love my Grandma Nancy


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