Friday, June 7, 2013

2 week follow up

I am a tad bit behind with my blog update... :)
Man, a toddler that is restricted AND a 4 month old is taking about every second of my day...
they are both asleep, and I have my Trenta Iced Green Tea from Starbucks and I am ready to type away.

As some of you may know, this pillow is... well... it's off just as much as it's on.  Not by my choice... Lucy has taken matters in to her own hands...
The first week or so, things were okay.  She never thought of taking it off.  Then- one morning I walk into her room, there she is.  Naked as a jaybird.  No pillow.  No diaper.  No shirt.  She said, 'Mommy!  I sleeping!'  From that moment on, our pillow friend has been kicked off during every nap and every night.
I have threatened her.  I told her the wolf (long story) is going to come in her room and get mad at her.  I told her the Dr. is going to get mad.  I have done everything in my power.  It doesn't work.  She is two.  She feels great, and she's ready to roll.  YIKES.
(The 'wolf' is actually a fox on the Nick Jr. show Peter Rabbit.  She calls him a wolf and always says 'scary!!'  I figured that might scare her to keep it on.  Nope.)
With our 2 week 2 day appt, I was scared to death that this bone wedge had moved.

We arrive to Phoenix Children's Hospital and for once, Dr. Segal is on time!  Shocker!
We get the x-ray, and are walked over to our room to wait for Dr. S.  We see him walking by as we turn the corner and what does he do?!  Walks over, sticks his hand in Lucy's bag of gummy bears, takes one, eats it, and says 'That said Dr. Segal on it.'  HA!
He comes in the room and starts talking to Lucy about Houdini.  He tells her that he could escape from any contraption, just like her!
He took her stitches out and said she is healing beautifully!  I said, 'well, I hope her x-ray is as beautiful.'  He said, 'it's fine' under his breath.
He pulls it up on the computer, and WHEW.  Looks awesome!
Thank you GOD.
He explained that her AI angles have decreased already, and will continue to do so as she grows and her cartilage turns to bone.  The AI is acetabular index.  Basically that means the angle of the socket.
Her number was at 34, now post surgery it is 27.  20 is about ideal right now, but he isn't worried about it at all, and says the bone growth will occur.
I told him, 'I have a confession.  Lucy stood up wearing her pillow.  AND she takes it off all the time.'  His answer??  'Do the best you can.  She looks great!'
He then asked how 2 more weeks sounds... Wait- what?!  REALLY!?!?  I was like 'heck yes that means only 4 weeks total!'  He was all on board with it.
Then- he said, 'no, let's wait til the following week.'
I asked him, how did he change his mind that fast?!  He said he would feel better with that extra week.  No, it's not going to kill me- but to shave off that time would have been nice.
OH WELL, not that it's 110 degrees here now or anything... and we are stuck inside...with a baby and toddler... No big deal. What's another week.
So, there ya have it.
June 26 is our magical date of the final x-ray and pillow off.  (Well, pillow off for good)

Ironically- one year ago yesterday marked the day that Lucy got her cast removed last year.  What a year it has been.  Never would I have thought that we would have 3 surgeries under our belt, 3 body casts totaling  16 weeks, 6 weeks of a brace, a pelvic osteotomy and a BIG, ugly, removable pillow.  Wow.  What a year it's been.

One thing I have noticed with this time around, is that people are SO much nicer!  When Lucy had her cast on and was in our stroller, we would have people staring, asking us 'how did you break her legs?' and gasping as we walked by.
This time, I can't even begin to tell you all the free stuff Lucy has gotten!  Managers at stores have given her free chips, hats and candy!  The aquarium that we visit gave us a free buddy pass for next time... a nice man in line at Target bought Lucy Doritos.  At Starbucks they gave her a free vanilla milk.  People walk by and purposely say how cute she is... I guess a child in a wheelchair breaks your heart.  I guess I never thought of her that way- as heartbreaking- just because I know the truth.

I know as she is strolling through the mall, with her new hat, eating a bag of Doritos, sipping on her Starbucks Vanilla Milk... that she could rip this pillow off in about 2 seconds flat, stand up, and be GONE.  It's funny.... It's almost like our little secret.... :)

Until next time folks....

Ashlyn and Kyla. 2 of the sweetest girls in the world hanging out with the other sweetest girl in the world!  They are so excited to come over and play with Lucy and Lily!

Waiting for Dr. Segal

OK, the pic on the left is her before x ray.
Notice on her left hip (right side on pic) the socket doesn't cover the femur?
Now on the right picture- that's the x-ray from her visit.  The bright white area just above the green line- that's the cadaver bone wedge... Notice how the socket now covers her femur?  Yep, that's the point...

Celebration lunch

Makes me sad.  This is her incision after he removed stitches

Lucy and her BFF Hannah at the aquarium

And this little stinker... she wheels herself away from me in about 2 seconds... She is too smart for her own good

AND... dun dun dun... it's almost off!
I have had people tell me- 'oh, just put tape on it.'  That's not the problem.  The velcro isn't what she messes with.  She is so strong... either she uses her good leg to slip out of it, then takes the good leg and pushes it off, or she just uses her hands and pushes down.  
This pillow is getting BURNED.

JUNE 26.

And.... it's almost off...again

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