Monday, June 24, 2013

Hair Care

By popular request, I am doing a post on hair care for your child while in a cast.
Well, your child will be on his/her back for a few months... usually kiddos can't roll over in a cast, so their hair in the back turns in to a total rat's nest!  (For those who have been through this, you are shaking your head YES right now!)
Some of you may know, but for those who don't- I am a hair stylist of almost 13 years!  I quit my job at a salon that I LOVE, with clients that I adore- to take care of Lucy post surgery.  I am so glad I did, because Lucy needed me... some days I miss it a lot, but wouldn't trade being home with them for anything!

Anyway... OK, back to hair.
Kid's hair is super duper fine and can tangle so easily.  When they sleep on their backs all night, their hair gets tangled and frizzy.  They sweat.  It's inevitable.  They are in a hot cast, stuck in one position.  Combine all of these things together, and it's a recipe for hair disaster.  We all know how fun it is to comb out a kid's hair with tangles.  NOT!

First off, NEVER grab a fine toothed comb or a brush to comb wet hair.  Use a very wide toothed comb.  Start from the BOTTOm of the hair, the ends... and work your way up.  It gives me chills to see people starting at the root of their hair and wrestling with all the tangles on the way down.  YIKES!  That's going to cause tons of breakage!  Grab a section of hair, work the tangles out at the bottom (ends), then slowly work your way up.
Second... sure- companies make products for kid's hair... you can buy a lot of them at your local grocery store.  Personally, not my favorite... The kid's tangle stuff doesn't do a whole lot but smell good and make their hair a bit greasy.  I have made a list of my favorite hair products that are not too expensive, and are PERFECT to tame a messy mane...
Make sure when you apply any product to hair, you do the same and start at the ENDS, then work your way up. Never use a glob of product and put it anywhere near your roots.  Grab the hair as if you are putting it in a ponytail, and do just the ponytail part.  Then work your way up.
With good products, a little goes a long way- so usually a dime size of any product is a lot to use...

Don't think I am insane.  BUT- this is THE BEST STUFF EVER.  I once had a client come in that looked like a Playboy bunny.  LONG blonde extensions to her back.  When it came time to comb her hair out, she pulled this stuff out of her purse and let me in on the greatest secret.  HORSE mane detangler and shine!  It's used on horses to repel dust and dirt,a and to keep away tangles and add shine... She put it in her hair, and I combed it out right away.  NO grease, no mess... Just a dime size drop from ends to mid-shaft and you are good to go.
AMAZING.  You can order online or usually buy this at your local feed store!
Once I used this, we ordered it and sold it in our salon and still do.  It's to die for~

Another favorite.  Always will be!  It's a spray leave in conditioner by It's a 10.  Only 1 spray on the tangled part of kid's hair is enough to comb through their entire head of hair.  

Only use a wide toothed comb to avoid breakage

Satin pillow case is a must.  A cotton one gets so sweaty and allows the hair to get ratty

Only use rubber bands wrapped in fabric, not just plain rubber bands.  Those tear the hair

Lucy and I are both using this right now!  Same as the other products, a little goes a long way!  It's super moisturizing and smells amazing.  Sure, little kid's stuff is readily available, but for the long term, good products are worth the investment.

The problem with most kid and adult stuff from the grocery store is this:  It does create shine..... temporarily.  After a while that 'shine' aka WAX, builds up and dulls your hair.... it also causes tangles. Professional products are much better for your hair and do not use any sort of wax. They rinse clean away.

I hope this post helps~  Thanks for letting me be a hairdresser today!  :-)

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