Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Final x-ray!

We are home from the dreaded x-ray! 
We got to PCH children's center early, and Grandma and Grandpa Farrish met us there.  I was doing okay until we pulled in the parking lot.  Right when we pulled up I felt my heart racing and a sick feeling.  There was a little voice in my ear saying, 'what if this doesn't work?'  
We got in fairly quickly, and Aaron took Lucy in for the x-ray.  (She always wants daddy to take her in.)  We get in to a room, and in walks Dr. Segal. 
Lucy's face lights up when she sees him.  She loves him all of a sudden. :-)
He bends down to her wheelchair, takes her pillow off, and shoves it in the trash!  I mean SHOVES it! He looked at me and smiled, and I knew all was perfect!  BEST FEELING EVER!  
He did a full exam, leg length check, knee height check, had Lucy bend her knees... He then picked her up, put her on the ground and said, 'walk to mommy.'
I looked at him and said, 'are you serious??'  He said, 'yah, of course I am.'  (He really isn't the joking kind...) 
Lucy got the biggest smile on her face, and took 3 steps and landed in my arms.  I can't even explain the look of joy on her face.  I got tears in my eyes, and almost felt frozen in time.  I did not expect her to walk for weeks, let alone same day... 
Dr. Segal said that her angles are still a little high, but he is hoping that when her cartilage turns to bone, that will lower the angles of the hip.  (The AI angles are measured from the bone, and surrounding the bone is the cartilage, so it doesn't count in the angle measurement.)  
Anyways... we don't have to go back in for another 6 months!  I asked him if she has any restrictions, and he said NOPE!  Let her do what she wants, and LOTS of swimming.  
It was so busy in there today.  We had to wait for a room to see Dr. Segal.  I didn't get a chance to take a pic of the x-ray... darn it!  Sorry!  All I needed to hear is that 'the bone is healed.'  
Thank you God!

We got home and Lucy said, 'Lucy WALK!'  She walked in the house and ran straight to the fridge and played with all the magnets, then went and tore the play room upside down.  I am currently sitting in a tornado of a mess!  Toys EVERYWHERE!  I am loving it.  SO happy my little lady is back. :-) 
(I am also so happy that both girls are napping.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh)
Tomorrow we are going to Grandma's house to swim, then my husband and I are going on a date!  My sister is going to come over and watch the girls.  We need a break.  It's been a heck of a month!

Again, thank you to our wonderful friends and family!  We love you all!

Here are 2 videos of my perfect angel a few minutes after pillow removal!  ENJOY!

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    I'm so happy for you and Lucy :-)