Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Last night!

We are here...
I have the same giddy feeling tonight as I did a year ago- the day before cast removal.
It's like Christmas time.
The thought of seeing my Lucy walk again, be able to stand, crawl, run, jump... everything... makes me so frickin' happy!
5 weeks and 2 days... Tomorrow at 10:15 am is the x-ray, and pillow off!  (It better be off!)
Looking back on this, I am so fortunate for so many things.
1st off, my friends and family.  They have all been so amazing.  My sister has been over every Sunday to help me.  My parents have been over every Saturday.  My mom has come over a few times when the girls are asleep so my husband and I can go for dinner.  My in-laws have come over a few times a week to entertain Lucy. My friends (near and far) have come to visit, mailed us goodies, and sent e-mails and texts with so much support and love.
We are so blessed.
The second thing I feel so fortunate is Lucy. (OF COURSE!)  Honestly.  If you told me to name all of the qualities to make a perfect child, the child would come out to be her.  She has once again blown us away with her tolerance, her patience, her adaptability and her strength.  So many people say to us, 'I could never keep my kid still for 5 weeks,' or 'I don't know how you do it.'  Well, again, Lucy is perfect.  I have grown to love her even more through all of this, if that's even possible.
Like I have said before, this time around has been a lot easier, because there was no cast.  The spica cast is awful.  Lucy was a lot more pleasant and happy with a little movement, and the ability to take baths.  Tonight, I put her in bed and said, 'baby, tomorrow is your pillow off day.'  She answered, 'no, pillow on. Guppie pillow.'  (I told her that Bubble Guppies wear pillows, too.)  She actually might miss this big ol' pillow.
I shake my head at this whole experience.  I expected a living hell.  It hasn't been easy, but I truly believe that God has been here for us even more than I expected!  I am so thankful.
After going in her room like 3 times, putting the pillow back on, putting her shorts back on, and putting her diaper back on- I thought, WOW!  I can start potty training soon!  YAY!  I am so ready to be done with the millions of diapers that I change all day long. Big diapers, little diapers... you name it.  I change it.
I am excited to see Lucy walk.  To see her eyes light up when she doesn't have to sit anymore!  I can't wait to see her hair fly away as she throws her head back and dances.  I love it.  Most parents who haven't been through this won't understand.  You don't if you haven't been through this.  I hear so many parents complain about their kids... complain complain complain... I honestly feel like at this very moment, I have nothing to complain about.  Yes, we are busy.  Yes, we have our work cut out for us... but you know what?!  BRING IT ON.
Lucy.  Lily.  Mommy.  Daddy.  Against the world!
See you on the other side, DDH.  Perfect x-ray coming up tomorrow.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people in our lives.  You have made this journey so much easier for Lucy and her parents.   We love you!

Here is a VIDEO of Lucy tearing down her countdown chain!

No more countdown chain!  There are chunks out of it since she asks to have a guppie to hold every night now.  So, we rip one right off the wall... whatever gets her to sleep. :-)

Pretending she is sleeping on the hammock at Bass Pro Shops the other day

Words can't describe. <3

Sitting on top of her sister's excersaucer

Gorgeous babes

Her scar as of tonight.  Yikes.  It's big.  I bought some Mederma for kids scar treatment and apply it 3 times daily and massage the area... Poor kid.  I hope it starts to fade as she gets older.  Excuse the huge bloody gash on my finger!  I sliced my finger really bad on Sunday!

LOVE from Arizona!  :)

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