Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 1- CHECK!

Well, we can check the first week off the books!


For those who have done this- you know the first 7 days is the hardest... I have to say... It has gone better than I expected.  Now, not saying it's been a cake walk.  BUT, it hasn't been as bad/hard as her first surgery.  She seems to have bounced back quicker, and accepted the fact that she can't walk.  (Sad)  Also- it may be because she isn't in that dreadful cast.
Days like yesterday, I was almost hoping for a cast.  Lucy has now become Houdini, and flips her legs right out of the pillow.  She says, 'Mommy!  Feet!  Toes!'  I have woken up two mornings already to find Lucy sleeping peacefully... as her pillow is also sleeping peacefully... on the floor next to her.

I wrote our surgeon and he doesn't seem concerned at all... I even sent her a picture of her pulling her moves and he wrote back 'all is well.'   I think I will feel better after our x-ray next Wed to see things healing as they should.

I fully expected for Lucy to be sleeping in my bed.  I expected her to scream most of the day like she did before with her first surgery.  I don't think I could be more wrong.  She wakes up after a 12 hour sleep and still seems to feel good.  She's on ibuprofen and tylenol only- each 2x a day.  I also think that I know what I am doing more this time with her, so it seems to be going better than expected...

We have already been shopping, of course!  We went to Target, and the little lady got so much attention.  A nice stranger in line bought her a bag of Doritos, we went to Petco and bought a fish, and we hit the dollar store to get some little things to play with.  Good times. :)  Unfortunately, 2 out of the 3 fish we got have went to fishy heaven.  The one we still have, 'Nemo' isn't too far behind, I bet.  We are hoping he sticks around longer than his friends did!

Life for momma has been hard and busy.  I keep on top of keeping Lucy busy at all times.  We take breaks to watch a show now and then, but I won't let her watch tv all day.  It drives me crazy... There is only so much Peter Rabbit and Bubble Guppies I can take...We play the Ipad, we go on a walk next door to see our neighbor's boat, we play in the living room, we go on a drive... anything to make the day go by.

I have already decided that Dr. Segal and I are going to have a 'Karen style discussion' next week about the length of time for this pillow.  He said he is going out of town at the 4 week mark, but I am going to tell him that we want to see him the day before he leaves for a 4 week x-ray and hopefully to get this pillow OFF!  He isn't the type to be pursuaded easily, but I am going to push til I can't push anymore!  I honestly can't keep this thing on her much longer.  She even tried to stand up in her highchair today!  I guess it's a good thing that she feels so good, but I am worried she is going to do something and hurt herself and compromise this bone!

Here are a few pics of our last week, and her scar.  :-(  Breaks my heart to see this on my baby.  The bruising is better than it was, but still... she's only 2 years old.  I hope to never see anything like this on her ever again.

Have a great week, and BRING ON JUNE!

:-( BREAKS my heart.

Happy Birthday to our new fish

Birthday party!

Playing with her dollhouse at her newly modified table!  (Thanks DAD!)

We have chocolate ice cream like all the time now.  Thank goodness she's not in a cast!

Play doh and farm!

Her cousins came over to hang out and play!

They had a tea party for Lucy

Our wonderful friends Heather and Kenzie sent Lucy some art supplies!

We walk over every single day to our neighbor's house to see their boat.  Lucy LOVES boats, the ocean, fish... I think she thinks the bubble guppies live in here...

My husband's co-workers built a wheelchair ramp for our front door!  So sweet

Yes.  She is spoiled.  No, I don't care.  Lucy is perfect and can have whatever she wants.

After rolling all over like a wild woman

Dora's playhouse!

Dora and Nemo!

Hannah is Lucy's BFF!

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