Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 weeks post cast

Well, here we are 3 weeks after the spica cast was removed... Hopefully we are half way through wearing this annoying brace full time!  We see Dr. Segal again in 3 weeks from today.  I plan on telling him that we are going to the beach for 2 weeks so if he thinks this brace will be on Lucy full time in August, he has another guess coming.  :-)  The reason I say that is because from what I have read, there is no medical backing on whether this brace works or not.  It's a 'wait and see' type of thing that CAN encourage socket growth.  (What we are waiting for.)  Of course, we have followed the Dr.'s orders to a T, but I am SO ready to see her crawl normally and learn to walk!  
Life isn't totally back to normal.  She still has to be carried a lot, and being pregnant in 115 degree heat, it's been interesting.  But... we are making it!  
One huge benefit is now she can sit up on her own.  We can sit in her play room and she can have some freedom.  Before we were always having to prop her up on bean bags or pillows.  
I can tell she is SO much happier.  Not that she wasn't happy before, but man... she is SO happy to be free!  She laughs, claps and dances almost all day long. (Did I mention she is the best?!  The sweetest?!)  Haha, anyways... 
We have gone back to her weekly Gymboree classes now.  It still is sad to watch all of the other kids her age running around while she is sitting there.  All I keep reminding myself is 'this is all part of it.  She has to heal and gain strength."  
Lucy has been LOVING the pool!  All of our family members have pools, so we are usually swimming 3-4 days out of the week.  I let her have 'brace free time' and she kicks her little legs in delight.  
I have also found the BEST highchair.  This chair would work for babies in spica casts, braces or babies who are in neither!  It's awesome.  I wish I would have known about this months ago.  Yes, it's not cheap, but it has a removable tray that allows the chair to pull up to the table.  It also has adjustable heights, so the chair will grow with her.  An adult can fit in it!  It's called a Keekaroo.  Get one!  Don't wait.  It's awesome.
Another tiny complaint about this brace is that she is still stuck in clothes that I hate.  (haha!)  Because the brace is foam and rivets, I don't want it rubbing her skin.  I have been putting her in a  onesie and then a light pajama pant or yoga pant over the top of that.  I wish she could just go with a onesie, but that darn foam... It's sweaty and it gives her a rash. (Me too I might add!)  
I found a way to clean the brace also.  It was turning a lovely shade of grey, and had a few strawberries smashed in the velcro.  (GROSS)  I ran a sink full of soapy water and added some bleach.  I soaked it for an hour or so, and VOILA.  Bright white and good as new.  My question is WHY WHY WHY would you make an all white brace?  Can't they pretty it up a bit with pink or purple?!  

So all in all, things are going great.  I am so happy she is out of that cast... I hope to NEVER see one again.  
We are slowly returning to 'normal' around here and getting very excited for our vacation to La Jolla, California.  Lucy's first time at the beach. 
Here are a few pics of our last few weeks...

At Gymboree class!  She loves the slide and the rocking horses

Riding on her car

Seriously. How cute is she when she sleeps???

The awesome new high chair!  I called my husband and started the conversation with: 'Ok, don't be mad when you get your credit card bill, ok?"

At the youth museum. She is dressed all weird since for this area you had to have socks on.  Well, I found one random sock in my car and one mitten.  HAHA!  So she is wearing one sock and one mitten.  She still rocks it though. :-)

Enjoying her brace free time.  She could never bend her left leg like this before surgery

Funny faces with daddy at lunch!  These are my 2 favorite people EVER!

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