Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6 week check up

Holy COW.  I can't even believe I am still awake to write this post!  My nerves and adrenaline (and diet coke) are working overtime!
Today was our 6 week post cast removal check up.  A big, huge day.  
As you know, Lucy has been in the brace full time for the last 6 weeks.  She gets about 15 minutes out of it a day to have a bath... that's it.  She has learned to move around, stand and even do a headstand in it!  Crazy!  
We show up for our 9:15 appointment, thinking 'hey! We are the second appt of the day... we should be right on time.'  Not so.  We wait to get into the x ray room until 10:10!  Are you kidding me?!  Lucy was getting bored, and heck... so was I.  Finally they call us back for x-rays, and Aaron takes her in, since I am preggo and can't... I hear my baby screaming down the hall, and I just lose it.  I cried like a baby too... In the middle of my sobbing, I closed my eyes and said, 'Dear God, please.... please please please have this x-ray be good.'  The same prayer I have prayed every night before bed, every morning when I wake up... 'Please keep your hand on my baby's hip.'  My biggest fear is that the bone has moved again, or that there has been damage to the blood supply of the bone. (AVN they call it.)  I couldn't fall asleep last night, and when I did, it was only for about an hour... I had horrible thoughts/nightmares of Lucy not being able to walk, and her never being able to stand... HORRIBLE. 
I try not to think such awful things, but again, I am not as trusting of things as most people.  With having our setback with the hip re-dislocating in the cast after 2 weeks, my trust is gone.  
Anyway- on to the good news...
So we get into the room, and Dr. Segal is in minutes later. He says hello and looks at me and says, 'how are you doing?'  Like a freaking loon, I lose it.  Crying like he stabbed me.  I said, 'I am so worried and nervous that something is wrong.'  He seriously just stands there staring at me.  My husband looks at him as if to say, 'you should try living with her!'  haha... It was the weirdest awkward silence in the room as he stood there, wide eyed, watching my meltdown.  After the shock wore off, he puts his hand on my shoulder and says, 'her x-ray looks great.'  WHAT!?!?!?!?!?  Is he serious???? 
He puts Lucy on the exam table and puts her knees together and manipulates the hip.  Her left leg (the one that was dislocated) seems a tad longer now and he explained why.  Her muscles are super tight around the hip area, which is to be expected.  Once they 'loosen up' the length discrepancy should even out.  He suggested we begin physical therapy to help with that.  He said it's normal for kids that have been casted.  WHEW again.  
Lucy let Dr. Segal carry her to his computer and he showed her the x-rays.  All the way there he said, 'I will carry you, Lucy, because your mom is... well.... your mom is different, and she is freaking out.'  LMAO!  Haha!  
Her left femur is still smaller than the right (to be expected) and the socket looks better formed (to me). Dr. S says it's too early to tell anything yet, but if the socket doesn't grow, expect a future surgery around 3.  :-(  Let's just keep praying for growth.  
We get back into the room and Dr. S says to me, 'Karen, I need a favor from you.'  I am thinking, 'holy cow, don't ask too much of me right now, I am one step away from a freak out.'  "SURE" I said.  He said he has another patient diagnosed with a dislocated hip, and he wants to know if he can give my information to this family for help/support.  What an honor.  I told him I would be thrilled to help another family out.  I know how horrible this is, and the fear of the unknown... I am so glad he thought of me to help.  
He then told us to continue with the brace, but ONLY for night time sleeping.  WOOHOO!  That is so awesome, since my beautiful girl and our family are headed to LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA for 2 weeks soon!  My dream is about to come true.  To see my beautiful nugget on the sand playing... no cast, no brace... just pure happiness.  
Let me tell you... If you are reading this and just about to start a journey with hip issues, don't be afraid to be pushy!  Get x-rays when you feel you should.  Ask questions.  E-mail the doctor.  If a pediatrician tells you 'the hips are fine' and you feel otherwise, demand x-rays.  There are WAY too many hip dysplasia cases out there being MISSED by pediatricians.  My next post is going to be about doing a hip check yourself.  May sound crazy, but I have seen it done enough times now, and I do it every day to Lucy!  (CRRRAZY I know...)  Just go with it.. :)

Well, the babe is off to nap, and I am off to watch Teen Mom and eat french fries.  (HA!)  

We go back in 3 months for another check.  Will keep you posted on the PT.

Lucy was so excited from her good news that she threw her lunch all over the floor

This is what her and daddy do (when she was in her brace!)

DYING!!!  I am SO excited to put her in normal clothes and shorts!  We got this at Gymboree the other day.  She's gonna be adorable in this...

Mom is a total sucker at the Disney store

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