Thursday, June 7, 2012

First full day without the cast!

What a GREAT day we had!
I forgot how AWESOME it is to see Lucy's legs.  I forgot what 'normal' feels like!  Not that we are totally back to normal... far from, but WOW.  This feels so good!
Last night was a bit rough.  We slept Lucy in her crib (as always) on her back.  She got so used to back sleeping since in her cast, there wasn't another option.  I thought to keep things 'normal' for her, we would lay her on her pillow in the crib, then prop her feet up with pillows.  WRONG. 
It took her 2 hours to settle down since now that she CAN move, she WANTS to move!  She was kicking her legs, throwing her blanket and having a full on party in her crib!  She finally fell asleep around 10, thank goodness.  Aaron and I were SO tired.
Fast forward, 3:30 am, full on screaming wake up.  We both ran in and got her.  She just wanted to be held.  She had scooted her way off the pillow and was at the bottom of the crib.  
I thought, forget this nonsense.  I took her in the bed with me, gave her a bottle, and layed her on her tummy.  Within seconds, she was OUT.  Now, for those of you who have slept with a baby before, you know how this story goes.  I was ALL the way on the corner of the bed, Lucy was right in the middle.  I honestly didn't even care how tired I was... I was just SO happy to be able to reach over and feel her back!  :-)  
My husband finally came in the room at 9 am!  We were both still asleep.  Lucy just woke up quietly and layed there.  I rubbed her head and played with her hair, and she just spooned with momma for another half hour or so. :)  xx HAPPY xx
We got up, and headed of to the Hanger store where the brace was ordered for us.  We get there, and lucky for them, it's ready.  She needed a size large!  She is no small fry.  Lucy is 30 lbs, and has always been in the 90th percentile!  That's right.  Big ol' babe of love. :-)
We turned in the size small brace, and went on our way.  We did get 2 braces, since they are such hunks of crap that I just know one will break...
Anyway... We went for lunch at Aaron's favorite place.  The Mongolian Grill.  I really don't like it since it's asian style food (not my thing), but him and L love it.  Lucy ate like an adult!  Shoveling noodles and soup in her mouth, and has discovered the art of dipping.  She was dipping wonton chips in sweet and sour sauce.  It was EVERYWHERE.  It even got on her bright white brace!  Did I care?!  Nope.  Make a mess baby girl.  Go for it.  She hasn't gotten to do that in awhile.  (And I didn't have to clean up!)
We then come back home for a nap, and then head out to Grandma's house to go.......
HECK YES.  She wore nothin' but her brace!  I am not going to screw around with swim diapers, then the brace, blah blah blah.  We held her and she was having the time of her life.  Took everything in my power not to break down and cry.  I was so happy to see her happy.  It's so weird, I just can't believe that there are activities like this that we can participate in.  We are so used to going 'oh we can't do that because of her cast...' and now it's like, HELL YES!  Count me in! 
OH, and the chlorine from the pool got rid of the sweet and sour sauce stain on her brace... :-P
Lucy already has tried to sit up, and doesn't seem to be sore at all.  She is doing amazing.  I haven't had to give her tylenol or anything.  She actually laughs when we change her diaper, since it probably tickles her skin!  Her skin already looks better.  
We have gotten a few pair of loose pajama type bottoms and cut up the seam of the bum... That way they go on super easy and are able to spread out to accommodate her brace.  They are loose ones, and cotton... super soft.
Again, (I can't say it enough), I am so lucky to have gotten the most amazing baby in the world.  (I know, I know, you think every mother says that.)  Not true.  I DID!  I really did!  :-)
It's hard to go back to complete 'normal' life since she isn't mobile yet, but I have a feeling it won't take long.  We are just going to go at her pace.  If it takes her months to become mobile, so be it.  We just want to love her and make her happy.  My goal in life! 

Here are a few pictures of our first day without a cast.  Hope they bring a smile to your face. :)

Goodnight from the hottest city in America... 

Doesn't this picture say it all?!  Pure happiness.  I love her so much!

ALWAYS kisses for mommy

Playing the iPad with Grandma last night.  She always picks the Bulldog.  (Her brothers are bulldogs!)
That's my girl!

Our sleep!


Waiting to get fitted for the new brace

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