Saturday, June 9, 2012

Case of the brace

Well, I promised myself to never complain about the brace, since ANYTHING is better than a spica cast!
Here I am, about to complain. (Just a little!)  Not about the fact that she has to wear it, but the fact that she hasn't even worn it 5 days straight and it's falling apart.  (And we alternate between TWO of them!)
We have already had to take it back to Hanger to have one of the rivets fixed.  We went to pull the velcro and it flew across the room!
The dang velcro edges are splitting and peeling already.  No clue how this is going to last!  All I do know is that our insurance will be coughing up another $200 brace if this one falls apart.
Like I said before, I swear I could make this from items at a craft store.  It's foam, a tad bit of plastic and velcro.  Not very in depth.

Lucy has to wear the Wheaton Brace pretty much full time until her next check up in 6 weeks.  It's really not that bad.  She can sit up in it, swim in it, and it doesn't seem to bother her.  I take it off to change her diaper and clothes, and for baths... (We haven't really done very many baths since we have been swimming every single day!)  I take her nude with just the brace on in the pool!  Our dr. said it is fine to do that, since it doesn't compromise the shape of the brace.

The best part is she can sleep on her tummy.  She is in heaven!  She is super light now and super squishy. :-)  I still have yet to pick her up from under her arm pits (you aren't supposed to when they are casted) and I probably never will.  I always pick her up with one hand under the brace.
I was thinking with baby #2, I don't think I could grab both ankles and lift him/her up to change the diaper.  It's set in me not to do that!  I will probably do what I do now, lift up by the bum and slide the diaper under... It's crazy what you get used to.
 On that same topic, when I see parents that hang their kid upside down (playing of course!) by their ankles, or lift them up just by their arms, I want to die!  YIKES!  That's an orthopedic nightmare waiting to happen... 

Anyways, wanted to share our lovely brace with you.  I finally got some good pics... 

Baby girl sitting up on her own the day after cast removal

Loving on Grandma!  

Dang velcro piece of crap!

At least she fits in her stroller again without using pillows!
We have the baby jogger city select

The stupid rivet that popped off and we had to fix

OH, and did I mention I am allergic to it, also?? Every time I pick her up my arms get a red rash that burns.  Lovely.

So cute. 

Here it is... She was being a shy baby

YAY for tummy sleeping!

Loving on daddy! This was taken at our new rental house inspection yesterday!
Lots of work ahead!

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