Monday, July 1, 2013

Minus the pillow + PT

Well, here we are.
6 weeks post surgery!  It feels like forever ago.  

Since Wednesday, aka pillow off day, we have been so busy!  As I posted a few days ago, Lucy walked out of her x-ray!  She walked when we got home... 

She woke up Thursday morning and didn't want to walk at all.  She must have done too much.  Same with Friday and Saturday... She wanted to be carried and sit on the couch.  
Then Sunday came... and she said, 'mommy- I WALK!'  She got up and walked and walked and walked!  I have just been letting her go at her own pace... If she wants to walk, great.  If she doesn't, no big deal.  I figure her body knows what to do...

Today was our first day back at physical therapy.  It was so nice to see Miss Hillary again!  Lucy was so happy to get back in the routine.  Warming up, kicking, air mattress, stairs, etc... Good stuff.
Miss Hillary was impressed at Lucy's new found confidence!  Even though she is very hobbly and stiff still, Lucy was playing and climbing all over the room!  
We first went into a smaller room with a slide for Hillary's eval.  She had Lucy climb up the stairs and go down a slide.  She had her crawl through a tunnel, stand up on her tip toes, and jump on a trampoline.  Hillary was impressed with how Lucy's shoe inserts are working, and said we don't need them any longer!  (Her ankles were pronating, aka rolling inward when she walked.)  They are actually rolling a little bit too far the opposite way now, so we are going to take the inserts out and see if they can stay good.
We went into the 'barn' to finish PT.  The barn is just that- a big barn!  There are goats outside, and inside... there are stairs, swings, and all kinds of fun stuff.  Lucy immediately wanted to go inside the ball pit.  It's full of balls that are hip height, so for Lucy to walk through the ball pit is really good for her strength.  
Miss Hillary blew up the air mattress, and had Lucy roll and walk on it.  Lucy still needs strength in her glutes (same as the last year) so bending down and picking up toys while on an air mattress is good for that.
We also stacked some blocks on a stool and had her kick them down.  (She LOVED that!)  She had her kick them with her RIGHT foot aka the GOOD leg.  Why?  Because that forces her to shift her weight over her left hip.  She has to balance and stand on her left leg.  That was hard for her to do, but hey... she's only been walking again for less than a week.
So- we are back on the PT road... which is good.  I love our PT, Lucy loves her too- and it's so interesting to learn different things to help Lucy get stronger.  
In fact, I have learned SO much, and am SO interested in therapy, that I am considering going to school for it!  Yep- a long road ahead, but we will see.  If it's in the cards, it's in the cards...

We also have been swimming a lot.  With 120 degree weather, we don't stay in the pool long since it's like bath water.  YUCK.  I hate Arizona this time of year. 

I took video yesterday of Lucy walking... Besides being weak, her hitch in her walk isn't there anymore!  So glad for that.  We are back to the waiting game of getting her stronger... (story of our life for the last few years!)
Here are a few pics and video of our last week!  ENJOY! 

Peace out from SUNNY, HOT, MISERABLE Arizona!

(OH, and if your child has had hip surgery, GET PHYSICAL THERAPY!  It's the best thing we could have ever done for Lucy!)  Hopefully you will be lucky enough to have a pediatric therapist as awesome as Miss Hillary! :)

Lucy and her cousin Tyler at his birthday party yesterday.  Lucy serenaded him!

Yay the ball pit!

Air mattress basketball


Grandpa and Lucy swimming!  WORK THOSE HIPS!

Awww, my other 2 favorite people... Don't mind Aaron's black eye on his right eye.  He was getting out a baby seat for Lily from storage and the metal part to it hit his eye!  Isn't Lily a total babe?!

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