Monday, July 29, 2013

Quality time

Just a little update on what the Farrish Fam has been up to!
BUSY BUSY BUSY as usual!
We just got back from La Jolla, California.  La Jolla is an amazing little place in San Diego.  AH-MA-ZING!  We love it there.  We did a quick trip, but made the most of every single minute in the beautiful weather.
We arrived at our hotel, and as we pull in, guess what is next door?!  An ORTHO surgeon's office. 
Can't I escape DDH for a few days?
Anyways... We drop off our bags, and hit the beach!  My little Goose was so happy... She kept saying, 'OH WOW MOMMY!  Ocean!'  It was so sweet.  Our hearts melted once again when we saw her running on the beach, the water getting her toes, and the look of pure joy on her face.  Priceless.  Some parents may take that for granted.  Not us!  It was awesome.
The 2nd day there we hit Sea World!  We got there right as they opened, and we felt like we had the place to ourselves.  Shamu, Dolphins, you name it.  We saw it! 
We were so tired after that.  Lucy walked more at Sea World than she has in the last few weeks combined.  She walked up all the stairs to get to the dolphin show... the fatigue kicked in.  She was done.  Instead of hitting the beach again, we went back to our room, ordered room service, watched TV and went to bed.  
We had a quick trip, but it was great.  Totally worth the 5 1/2 hr drive to see the babe at the beach. :)

We had PT again today.  Miss Hilary really worked Lucy out today.  She had her do some exercise ball activities.  Twisting and reaching while laying on the ball on her tummy.  Lucy's trunk, core and glutes are still very weak and tight.  We are hoping to stretch them out and help her gain strength.  Hilary showed us some things to do while on the ball.  
We also did some single leg step ups, and man... broke my heart.  Lucy's left leg is still so weak.  She can't step up with her left leg without holding on to something.  After all the PT we have done, it's STILL that weak!  I can't imagine if we didn't do therapy how weak and tight her hip would be. 

Well, kind of a boring post today- but I wanted to get these pics up! (The 2 reason I write this blog is for Lucy, and also to help other parents)  
I hope Lucy can read this one day and see what she has been through as a child.

(If you are reading this I LOVE YOU LUCY!!!!!!!!!)

OH- before I sign off.  Lucy is potty trained.  It's been only 6 days and she's got it.  
She's a star!

                                                    Feeding the sea lions at Sea World
'MORE WISHIES!'  $25 in fish later..... (Yes, we are suckers!  Anything for this girl...)

Does this look like $100 of food?  The hotel sure thinks so....
It was a half hour before we got her out of this boat....
The star of the show!  SHAMU!

Lucy said 'CAST'  I said, 'do you need a cast??' She answered, 'YES'
So- I wrapped her legs up in blankets.  She then took it off and said, 'Dr. Segal- hip all better!'  Crazy how this is her 'normal'
At Coyote Cafe in Old town San Diego.
They serenaded Lucy!  She loved it... 'MORE SING!'
At San Diego Harbor seeing the pirate ships
Yes.  We needed a 5 foot pink dolphin to lug around all day at Sea World....
Feeding the sea lions...
Nothing better
She loved being in the hotel!!!

'Hewwwwwohhhhh?  Gwamma???  Bye.'

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