Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer time

Summa-summa-summa time!
Well, I am really not THAT excited that it's the middle of summer.  In Arizona, we have had temperatures that will fry your skin off!  118 degrees a few weeks ago... yuck!  We try to get all of our stuff done in the morning, then stay inside after noon... Gotta love Phoenix...
Today was a great day.  Lily had her 6 month precautionary x-ray with Dr. Segal.  She already had her 6 week ultrasound, and all was okay, but an x-ray will only show bone once the baby is 6 months.  All was great!  Her angles were 25 and 26, and her hips are in the socket and looking perfect.  Thank goodness.  She hasn't had any of the signs thus far, but it's been in the back of my mind for awhile... I couldn't sleep at all last night.  I kept thinking, 'oh my gosh, what if she has to have a surgery.'  I was scared.  We can put that to rest now.  Dr. Segal said for peace of mind, he wants to do a 1 year x-ray to give an all clear.  That will be right around the same time as Lucy's follow up, so I am hoping for a Christmas gift of TWO all clears!

We have been staying so busy getting ready for our San Diego trip!  We are taking Lucy to the beach to celebrate her recovery.  (Seems to be a tradition) We are going to La Jolla again.  Lucy LOVES the ocean.  She loves sand buckets.  Dolphins.  You name it.  Anything ocean- totally her thing.  I think that she must think the Bubble Guppies live there.  Hope she isn't disappointed... :-)  Maybe seeing Shamu will keep her mind off the guppies.

Today the wheelchair place came and picked up the wheelchair.  So glad to see that thing go.  Strangely enough, Lucy LOVED that thing.  I mean, LOVED it.  In the hospital, we decorated it with Bubble Guppies stickers, and we told her it was a Guppie stroller, and that the guppies sent it for her.  From that moment on, it was called a guppie stroller.  Every morning when she wanted to get out of her bed, she would say, Guppie stroller, mama.  Even the other day, as we were walking hand in hand to her Gymboree class, we walked past a handicapped parking sign.  She said, 'what's that?' and I said, 'a man in a wheelchair.'  She said, 'No, guppie stroller!'  Every time she sees anyone in a wheelchair, she gets excited and yells, GUPPIE STROLLER!  People are probably like, 'what is up with this?!'
So funny how kids are so awesome... She's at the perfect age to 'fudge' a little and tell her things to get her through.  If she would be a little older, she may not buy what we tell her. :)  Hey--- gotta do what you gotta do to get through the day.

Lucy's walk is improving, but still far from 'right.'  She flails her arms a lot for balance and is very weak on the operated side.  I always remind her when going up stairs or a curb, to 'start with your other foot.' When going down, I tell her to start with her right foot. (weight shifting over the left leg)... so that's a constant in our lives, has been for over a year actually.  May be forever... who knows.

Yesterday was 'one of those days.'  Just a lot on my mind and had a panic attack over Lucy's future.  I think with Lily's appointment, things just built up and I lost it a little... Hearing and seeing stories of what hip dysplasia has done to some people scares the be-Jesus out of me... I know I can't control it, I know I can't change it, I know a tree could fall on me tomorrow... Some things are just out of our control.  Days like yesterday is when I just say to Lucy, 'Mommy will ALWAYS fight for you and do everything she can to make your life the best EVER!'  Then she looks at me in between her Ipad games and says, 'yah okay... ice cream cone?!?'  Really deep, huh?!

Her scar is healing well, I am using the Mederma for kids cream every day and massaging it in.  Hopefully that will help it.  Dang- it's a big scar.  She was standing up in the tub last night and it took my breath away a little... it's long.  Her body is so little that it's just heartbreaking to see this huge scar on her.

Lucy is officially enrolled in a pre-school program!  It's only 2 days a week for 2 hours a day.  Just enough time for me and Lily to go grab a coffee and do some shopping. :)  Her BFF, Hannah is also going to pre-school at the same place.  Gonna be awesome!  The kicker is this... She has to be potty trained.  UMMMM... yah.  We started that months ago.  Then had to stop due to surgery.  So we are going to be in 'potty training boot camp' when we get back from our trip.  We are also moving her in to a big girl bed, and Lily into a crib and out of the bassinet.  Good times ahead.  Ha!  Wish me luck...

I have asked a few people from our hip group to do a guest post for me... I am so excited to get it and post it for everyone... One lady is from California, and the other is from England.  Both have been through this for too long.  They are going to have an interesting post...

That's all for now- but be prepared to be on 'photo overload' once we get back from vacation. :)  Last year she couldn't walk on the beach, so this year---watch out.  The babe in the pink tutu bathing suit will be taking over San Diego. (Let's just hope this same babe SLEEPS at night since we are all in one room... )

Here are some pics and video.  ENJOY!

Lily happy after a good hip report!

She is getting so big!  And yes, her braids melt my heart!

Two loves of my life!

Working those hips in the pool at Grandma's house

3 Farrish girls (excuse the no make-up, I have no time for it anymore)

Lily loving kisses form us!

Lucy rockin' her HOPE THE HIP HIPPO SHIRT while 'petting' her sister

Cousins <3

Dancing with her BFF, Hannah

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