Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Everything happens for a reason

Well, I really didn't think I would be here, on May 16... at my house typing this.
Lucy didn't have surgery yesterday.  Why?!  An M & M of course!

We show up to Phoenix Children's Hospital to check in at 1.  Her surgery was booked for 3.
It was a long, quiet drive there.  We turn onto the 51 freeway and can see the big hospital in the distance.  My heart was pounding... Lucy was happily kicking her legs and watching Bubble Guppies. Ugh.  I actually did okay until we checked in, and the nurse put her bracelet on.  It was official.  That would be the same bracelet she would be wearing while they did her surgery.  I lost it.  Holding her and crying my eyes out as we go up to the 4th floor.

We get called back to pre-op right away.  Never have things gone this fast.  By 1:30 we were in a room and nurses were checking Lucy's vitals.  The nurse asked me a few questions about what Lucy ate and then replied with, 'we made need to cancel because they want to start now.'  My response: 'well, that's not my problem they are wanting to do this early, you should have called me!'  The anesthesiologist came in (same guy we have had before) and explained why.

Lucy had some applesauce and a smoothie in the morning, before 9 am.  She only had clear liquids up until 12 noon.  (All ok.)  A friend of ours sent Lucy an M & M machine for her 'BIG SISTER' present when Lily was born.  Funny thing is she texted to wish us good luck, and Aaron said 'Your M & M's may save us!' since Lucy LOVES them!  As we were getting ready to leave, I turned my head for one minute, and the little stinker had her finger in there grabbing and chowing down on an M & M.  Aka 'mem mem mem.'
I told the nurse this, and the anesthesiologist said that even though it was just one, it's a hard candy, and God forbid she aspirates--- wouldn't be good.  This man has 40 years under his belt of doing this job, so I am no way chancing this!

Dr. Segal came in.  I shook my head and said, 'I am sorry!'  He said, 'it's okay!'  It just wasn't meant to be today!
He sat down on the bed, and talked with us for awhile.  Lucy was running around doing her sticker book, and having a blast. (shocking)
I told Dr. Segal how much we appreciate the time he takes to answer e-mails, and for him getting Lucy in this fast.  He told us how answering parent's e-mails take him about an extra hour a day to do, it's worth it.  He said parents need that.  He is so right.  Something about Dr. S that makes us feel so comfortable and calm.  I told him that he holds my 'world' in his hands, and he simply replied, 'I know this.'

After our chat, I said to Lucy, 'home?'  She grabbed her shoes and said 'YAH!'
I said, 'say bye bye to Dr. Segal' and she said 'bye bye Segal.'  And strolled on out... After she gave him a hug and pulled his surgery mask to where he was almost choking.

My husband said, 'the last 2 times I have been to this hospital (last time was for her x-ray) I left shaking my head'... I told him in the car something I wanted to say.
I told him that the first time we went through surgery, I felt calm.  I felt like it was right.

The way we found our Dr. was just nothing other than God doing his work.  You will have to read through my first post to see how that happened. :-)
The other day, I was walking in our door and I stopped and said, 'God, where are you?  I don't feel that you are in this right now with me.  I need a sign.'  Boy- did I get a sign.  In the form of a purple M & M.  It wasn't meant to be on May 15.

We enjoyed the rest of our day by going to our favorite deli in Phoenix, Miracle Mile!  Mmmmm... we came home, picked up Lily, and slept so good.
This morning on the way to the museum, our phone rang.
Dr. Segal's assistant.
New surgery date.  This Monday, May 20th.

Thank-you to everyone who e-mailed, texted, called, messaged us with prayers and love.  It really means the world to us. Keep the prayers coming!

It sure was fun pretending like we don't have to do this, at least for those few hours.
And yes, the M & M's will be hidden on Monday....

Phoenix Children's Hospital

Lucy was so happy at lunch she was even hugging the gumball machine

YAY! Macaroni and cheese and a sugar cookie!  WOOHOO!

At PCH Grandma and Grandpa met us there to bring Lucy some stuffed toys

We packed our own food for her for recovery. She loves veggie chips and mashups


Her new nightgown to come home in :-(

Sneaky little booger

The M & M jar

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