Thursday, May 23, 2013


Ah, there truly is no place like home.
But goodness... taking care of a 4 month old and an immobile 2 year old recovering from surgery is no joke!
My husband is in the car business, and works an insane amount of hours.  So- pretty much that leaves us 3 ladies to fend for ourselves 6 days a week, about 11 hours a day!  Thank goodness for our friends and family...
When Lucy had her open reduction surgery last year, she couldn't sleep because of the muscle spasms.  It was awful.  She would jump and wake herself up about 5 times a night...screaming... for close to 2 weeks.  I anticipated her doing the same, and I gave in to the idea of her sleeping with me this time.
Well, no need for that!  She told me she wanted to go in 'Lucy's bed' and she slept like a baby.
I set my alarm for 1 am to get up and give her the pain meds.  I don't want her pain to get away from us, making it harder to get back under control.  I was so worried I would miss my alarm, that I naturally woke up at midnight and stayed awake til 1 am!  She was such a princess in the night.  I told her, 'baby, it's mommy.  It's time for your candy.'  (That's what we call medicine)  She said, 'ok mommy.'  Took it, then went back to bed.  ANGEL.
This morning, Lily wakes at 5:30, and I am so darn excited to get up and feed her to spend my one on one time with this beautiful baby!
I woke Lucy up at 7, again- trying to stay on top of the every 6 hour pain meds... I gave her some food and her meds.
About an hour later, she got really pale and said, 'tummy.'  She then projectile puked all over herself, my legs and shoes, our rug and floor.  POOR BABY.  She did that yesterday in the car, but I thought it was motion sickness.  Nope. It's her pain meds.  She didn't even want to be around her sister or dad.  Just mommy.
I wrote Dr. S and told him, and he said if she is doing well, she can just have motrin and tylenol alternated.  Ever since that nasty Lortab got out of her system, her coloring is better, she's eating, drinking and in a good mood.  BYE BYE pain meds!  I can't believe 4 days ago, this girl had her pelvis basically broken, and here she is... amazing me yet again- every minute of the day.
Now, I'm not saying I haven't had breakdowns.  I'm not saying it's easy.  What I am saying is that I am thankful that the worry about her surgery, recovery and future is MY cross to bear, and not hers.
She is frustrated.  She says 'DOWN!' and 'OUT!' a few times a day.  When I go to tighten the velcro on the pillow, she says, 'all done!', and it kills me to have to say, 'no baby, not yet.'

I tell myself that this isn't forever.  This is hopefully her last surgery.  This too shall pass.

So- this pillow thing.  Honestly, it reminds me of the brace she had in a way.  It's super flimsy, doesn't stay on worth a crap, and I am constantly having to tighten the straps and make sure she isn't pushing it off.  I told her that the Bubble Guppies said she has to keep her pillow on... That's the rules... :)
Then again, it's WAY better than the spica cast!  I hate those dang casts and pray to God never to see one again.  This pillow is like a gift from heaven compared to the cast.

Today we just played at home, rested on the couch and watched TV.  The days will go by a lot easier and faster once she feels up to going to a movie or the aquarium.

It's almost like second nature to me this time.  Lifting Lucy, not being able to take my eyes off her for a second, sponge baths, hair washing in the sink, using pillows and contraptions to make things easier.  It sucks that I am pretty good at this.  I wish I never knew what it's like to have a child that has to be confined to a wheelchair or couch.  BUT- again... this isn't forever!

She was unsure of the hair washing in the sink, until I showed her that mommy does it, too.  Yep.  I climbed up on the counter and laid on my back, over the sink.  I about died getting down, but Lucy then wanted to try it because I did.  Hey- whatever works!

That pretty much sums up our life at home right now... I know there is more I wanted to type, but I am so exhausted that I can't think anymore!
Moral of this story is this.  Lucy is amazing.  This girl never seems to let anything bring her down.  I can't even bring myself to feel sorry for myself in all this- because look at her!  She's perfect and such a brave little monkey.  I am honored to be her mom.  <3

Off to bed.

(33 more days and counting)

Sister tried to cheer her up when she was sick...

Not feeling well :-(  Stinkin' pain meds.

'I am not wisten-ing'

Our old computer table turned Lucy's table by lowering it!

Once the pain meds were thrown up, and she had a nap, she woke and said 'TAY-TOS and CHEESE!'
So what did I do?  Made potatos and cheese, of course.

Grandma came to visit today

'Baby wears a peeee-low!'

You know she can't go for long without a hat to wear


Magnet dress up dolls from our friend Carla!


Countdown to pillow off chain!

Taking off the chain for the day!

Being silly after bath time with mama! :)  Excuse my gorgeous looks, I have no time for make-up


This is how we have to hold her... like a baby.  A big 34 lb baby!

I still prop her feet up with a rolled blanket to prevent pressure sores 
(Cast mentality!)

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