Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top six picks

Tonight's post is all about my top 'must haves' for my spica baby.
My spica baby that hopefully will only be a spica baby for 5 1/2 more weeks! :-)

Before Lucy was casted, I bought everything and anything that people said to buy, hoping to make our lives in a spica cast easier.  Well, I have narrowed my faves down to six items that we use almost daily.  These are Lucy's 'must haves!'
Again, I hope someday these posts will help someone who is freaking out facing a spica cast.  Lord knows I was... Now I am getting worried/scared/paranoid for her cast change which will happen this Monday. I hope her hip is stable and the cast is easy for us to maneuver.  Yep, I have heard the second cast is usually shaped different... grrrrreat.... anyway, I hope my top 6 spica picks work for you!
Have a happy night!

IVY ROSE SPICA CHAIR.  I can't say enough awesome things about this!  Of course, we had it painted with bulldogs on it, since Lucy's brothers are bulldogs!  This is where Lucy's eats and plays, and ROCKS and ROCKS!

SMART TRIKE!  I have found that Lucy hates being in her stroller.  She wants to feel like a big kid now, and leaning back in her stroller just ain't cuttin' it.  This trike is how we do our walks now.  My husband cut the sides down so it holds her in perfectly! (As you can tell, she is super happy in it!)
Anything to distract her from this sucky cast!

CAST COOLER.  I was skeptical at first, but even on her plaster cast I feel a breeze with this thing!  You hook it up to a vacuum and wooooooo!!!!!!!!  Cold air blowing... We live in Arizona so cold air blowing anywhere, anytime is welcomed. :-)  It also helps to dry the cast out.

Red Wagon!  She can still have her friends ride with her!  She loves it!

Brica fold n go travel chair.  LOVE IT.  It folds flat and it's portable.  We take this to restaurants and people's houses to visit since she hates leaning back all the time.  This way she feels part of the group!  This is awesome!!!  There is no sides on the chair either, so it's perfect for a casted babe.

MUST HAVE.  Video game bean bag chair.  When she does have to lean back, it's not so bad in this.  We tried a regular bean bag and to me, there wasn't enough room!  She got so hot and sweaty on it, and I hated having to re-position the beans in it all the dang time.  This one is a bit more $$, but stays a perfect shape, supports her legs, and wipes clean.

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