Monday, July 23, 2012

Spread the Love. Donate.

Hello again friends...
Today's post is going to be about giving back.
Giving back to the 'hip' community of parents.
I have decided to start an online fundraiser.  This is how it will work.
I am donating a $250 Visa Gift card to the winner of the raffle drawing.
How do you get entered in the raffle??  Well, for each $25 donation, you will be entered in the drawing one time.  For a $50 donation, 2 times... etc...
The money I am going to raise is going to go a few places.
As many of you know, we bought Lucy a special table to accommodate her cast.  It was made by
Ivy Rose Spica Chairs.  Stephanie, the owner and creator of the company has 2 beautiful girls that were born with hip dysplasia.  She started making these chairs knowing how much her girls enjoyed them while they were casted.  Honestly, Lucy lived in this chair!  She played, ate and was able to sit up so she felt like a big kid.  I want to donate at least 2 of these chairs to families in need.
The rest of the monies raised will go to One Hip World, which is supporting the research and advancement of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
It breaks my heart and infuriates me at the same time that there have been almost NO advances in treating Hip Dysplasia in almost 40 years!  Yet, 1 in every 1000 first born female has some form of DDH. (Developmental Dysplasia of the hip.)
I remember walking into a store with Lucy a few months ago, and a lady ran over to me and said, 'hip cast, huh?!'  I said, 'how do you know?!'  (Most people have no idea, and think it's a broken leg.)  She told me her daughter was in the same cast 30 years ago.  She also went on to tell me how mad that makes her that there isn't better options for kids.  With all the medical advances, they are still put in a body cast??  Really??
So, my goal is set at $1500 to raise.  I want to be realistic, but I would also LOVE to fly right past that number and raise even more.  I hope and pray in 20 plus years that my little Lucy's babies don't have DDH.  Yes, it's a possibility.  God forbid, if they do, I want to be able to tell her that mommy did her part in helping raise $$ and awareness.
SO many pediatricians, (including Lucy's FORMER one) totally had NO clue how to check hips.  I pointed out that 'the hospital pediatrician said that there is a click in her left hip.'  Our pediatrician said, 'oh no, her hips are fine!'  So basically, we are where we are due to her lack of knowledge and care.  Makes me SICK.  This happens EVERY day.  Children are walking around with major hip issues, and the older they get, the harder the treatment gets.
With our new baby on the way, you better believe that we will be doing an ultrasound and x-ray.  I don't care what the pediatrician says, I am going to do it on my own!  No messing around this time.

So, with that said, PLEASE consider making a $25 donation.  It will be put to great use, and as you know, I am the FIRST to donate and help others when they need it.
This time, I need it.  Lucy needs it.  Babies/kids with DDH all over need it.
Thanks for your help. :-)

I can't wait to do a post on the families that receive these chairs!!! YAH!

Here is a video of our story thus far:


  1. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to post this everywhere, baby !!! Especially on the One Hip World facebook page !!!!! I love it !!!! Am so proud of you !!!! You go girl !!!!!! <3

  2. Do you want a check mailed to you or can this be done through pay pal?

    1. Hi Aunt K! This 'chip in' box will link to paypal :)

  3. I couldn't get the chip in box on my I-pad. I had to go to my lap top. I say that so you'll know if anyone else has issues. The site acted a little bit weird. Let me know if you recieved the donation. Hope this helps.