Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a week!

WOW. What a CR-A-ZY week this has been!
We are getting closer to the 'cast off' day slowly but surely.  I honestly never knew time could pass so slow.  After tonight (it's already almost bed time for me!) we will have 13 full days left.  I don't count the day we go in since... well, I just don't. :-)  It sounds better... 
So yep, on June 6, at 11 am the cast saw will be coming out.  I swear if Dr. Segal is sick, not there, traveling for any reason... the cast will be off regardless.  I don't really care if I have to grab plyers and some crab crackers... I will do it my damn self if I have to!  This cast will be off one way or another by 11:15 on June 6th!
Lucy, of course, is still doing amazing.  I can't even put into words how special she is.  Trooper doesn't even describe it.  She is so easy going, happy as can be, and has handled this situation WAY better than I have.  She has made me so proud.  
Today was a 'nap fail' so I had to get out of the house.  We went to the mall for pizza and rode the carousel. :)  Since we are hitting about 105 degrees every day, inside activities are all we can do.  Aaron got a remote starter put in my van, so I can start it and have it cooled down by the time I get outside.  It's been a life saver!  Anyway... back to the mall.  It's a very dangerous place for me to walk around every day, since I have a problem with budgeting and impulse buying.  :)  Lucy and I walked the mall, and she was so happy to people watch!  She got tons of attention everywhere she went, and since we go there so often, the clerks were saying 'when does that cast come off, Lucy!?'
We find the carousel, and the nice lady that operates it tells us that Lucy gets a FREE day of riding it when the cast comes off!  She even remembered that it was June 6.  haha!  Lucy is totally a rock star at the mall. :)  So we rode the carousel twice... Then the room started to spin...Why?!
I found out a few days ago that I am pregnant!  Can you believe it?!  SO, mix pizza from the mall along with a carousel ride plus 105 degrees... not good.  I held onto Lucy so tight just praying that I don't yack off the side of the giraffe.  :) 
We are due to have a new babe this winter.  Once I go to the Dr. I will/should have an actual date.  Being so busy with Lucy, I haven't kept track of anything at all, so who knows.  The due date could be December or January.  Exactly 2 years apart!  
I can't believe my baby girl is going to be a big sister.  I just hope and pray that Baby Farrish #2 is healthy!  Healthy hips too!
We don't care boy or girl... I have a feeling it's a boy... then again, I had that feeling last time...
So next time I write will be right before her cast change... YAY!  


Isn't she adorable? She loves pizza!

Oh my gosh, this day needs to hurry up!

No kidding


Carousel rides... over and over and over and over... I seriously think we have spent hundreds on carousels in the last year!

I took this and Aaron came in the room and says 'the box says it takes 3 mins so don't look at it for three mins.'
I said 'Um, nope, it doesn't take that long at all.'
Bam.  Baby Farrish #2 coming up!

I am totally dying at how cute she is in this picture.  BEST big sister ever. :)
I still am wondering how I can love another kid as much as Lucy.  I know BF2 will bring his/her own love and personality to the world that I will love just as much. But Lucy... ahhh little Lucy.  I love her so much. 

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  1. You know Karen, I can totally see you with crab crackers taking that cast off! LOL
    You've done so well honey with this situation and I'll be so happy for you when the cast comes off! Baby F2, will be just as precious as Ms. Goose.