Thursday, May 3, 2012

Entertainment, friends and cast off date!

Well, I honestly never thought I would be saying this... WE HAVE A DATE to get this ugly, annoying, smelly cast off!  
June 6 at 11 am.  
Now, don't ask me or get me started how we got so 'lucky' to be in this cast for what will be a total of 13 weeks, 2 days... OH and let's add in the first cast that didn't work- to make a grand total of 15 weeks.  Lord help me... Lucy's first cast was put on 3 days after Valentine's Day, so we have been through St. Patty's Day, Easter, soon to be Mother's Day, and we will go through Memorial Day.  All of these Holidays in this cast!  DAMN CAST!  
Ok, BUT, I do have to say I am thrilled to have a day to look forward to. 
After this cast was applied, I was nervous about changing the angle of her legs, since her hip re-dislocated while casted once already.  The Dr. was fine with doing another x-ray to calm my nerves. 
We walked in yesterday to the room to talk to him, and he waves his hands and goes, 'Oh my gosh I'm sooooo nervous!'  (Making fun of me...) haha!  Very funny...:-P
All in all, Dr. Segal said the x-rays look great!  Her hip is right where it's supposed to be.  
I kept saying, 'why not the end of May', and Dr. Segal would say, 'umm, because the cast is on 6 weeks.'  My reply: 'well, the first one was on for 7.'  His reply: 'it's what's best for Lucy.'  Dang it!  How can I argue with that one. (sigh)  I guess he is the Dr. right?!  
I am not quite sure how we are going to get through this month with the temperatures soaring.  YUCK.  But... we will.  No other choice, right?
Once the cast is removed, Lucy will have to wear a foam brace to keep her legs 'abducted' for an additional 6 weeks.  That will help her socket to form correctly, but allow her more mobility... So, it's not like the cast comes off and we go off running in to the sunset together.  We still have awhile to go... 
The brace will be removable, so that will be a huge temptation, but I have vowed to follow Dr. Segal's orders to a T.  I just want Lucy perfect!
I just have to say, (and I have said it a billion times) that our surgeon is amazing.  He is so understanding, compassionate, talented and best of all... patient!  We told him yesterday that he is (lucky for him) part of our family now!  He has made this horrible experience a little less horrible and scary.  HUGE props to Dr. Segal. It takes a hell-of-a-man to deal with this momma bear... (right Aaron?!)
Anywho, L and I have been busy little bees lately.  We run like big dogs from the car to whatever building we are going to trying to avoid the sun and heat!  We have found the aquarium to be a new favorite spot, since it's dark and cold!  The museums have been a hit as well.  We are SO fortunate to have such wonderful friends who invite us places and keep us company.  Marci, Dani, Angie, Tara, Holly and Natalie. <3  We love you guys SO much!  You have made this crappy situation a bit better for us.

So.... pretty much in one month and three days I will have a squishy kid again... in a big ugly foam brace, but whatever.  Day by day, step by step... Brings me to the quote, 'No one said it was going to be easy, they said it would be WORTH IT.' 

Hugs and love! <3


Carousels rock our world

In the play area, watching her friends play.. She wasn't too sad since she got a banana cookie!  Just like her momma.  It's like 'yah, you all can go run around, I will be happy sitting here eating a cookie.'


Lucy and Hannah, buddies forever

Yep, Lucy can have anything she wants.  

Pretty much what the Dr. told me... :-)  OK OK I will take my 13 weeks and 2 days.... UGH UGH UGH

Lucy's future husband kissing her toes!
(Yes, we already have them married off... much easier that way.)

Best friends!  Scarlett and Lucy

Of course we get suckered in to buying balloons. I have like 5 of them floating around my house right now.

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