Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lily's Birth Story

Hi all!
I am actually writing this post for Lily to read someday. (Lucy too!)
Someone I know wrote the birth story of her daughter and I thought it was pretty cool to write, since it's still fresh in my mind...
Lily was born Saturday January 19th.  It was a pretty interesting labor experience since it was totally different than Lucy's birth.
I was induced with both girls, but Lily was 39 weeks and 2 days... 10 days earlier than Lucy.  Thank goodness since Lily was 8.2 pounds already and may have been around 9 if we waited much longer!

We checked in to Banner Gateway Hospital at 3 pm, and by 3:40 pitocin was started.  I chose to be induced because:
A) My dr. was on call that weekend and I adore him!
B)  I did not want to risk my fluid getting low, or the baby getting too big. Hip Dysplasia scares me!
C)  I wanted to plan babysitters for Lucy. I don't think I could have relaxed leaving the house in a rush. I am so glad I got the whole night before to rock my Lucy to sleep and yes... I cried... I cried like a baby knowing this was the last time my sidekick and I will be alone together.  Everything was about to change... for the better, of course, but still... The last 2 years with Lucy every single day have been the best of my life.  Now I can look forward to our new family of four. :)

So, pitocin is pumping, and the anesthesiologist nurse comes in around 7 pm... I go through the entire explanation of my last epidural and how it ruined my time with my new baby for 6 months.  I believe that they hit a muscle after trying to insert the needle multiple times... Then I pushed with Lucy for close to 3 hours, the muscle in my back working overtime... Needless to say- it was hell.  So I explained to this lady that I wanted THE anesthesiologist, not the nurse that does them.  She was very sweet and agreed to get her boss.  He asked me 'are you SURE you want to do another epidural.'  I wasn't sure.  BUT I know what labor pain feels like and I am the biggest wuss in the world, so I rolled the dice.  Aaron stood in front of me and kept my shoulders down, and I just started shaking and crying.  I was SO scared to have the same thing happen again.  The anesthesiologist explained he is going to do this in a different area, that way there is no chance of hitting the same spot again.  In about 2 seconds, it was in.  The meds were inserted and BAM... all was good!  What a difference it makes to have someone who knows what they are doing...
We ended up being pretty bored actually... We watched that movie 'The Help' on TV and kept wondering when little Lily was going to make her appearance.  Would it be January 19th or 20th?!  Every time my OB came in I asked him, 'do you think we will have a baby before midnight?'  His answer was 'absolutely!'  I didn't think it was possible.
My parents came up to keep us company and stayed until 10:30 pm.  They told us 'we will have our phones on til about 3 am, so please keep us posted!'  Sure enough, right when they left, the nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 7.  They asked if my pain was under control, and it sure was.  I only felt a little pressure, no pain.  The nurse, Heather, left the room and all of a sudden, like a wave I felt the baby drop and so much pressure AND pain.  I looked at Aaron and said, 'I need to push right now!'  He got the nurse and she came back in, checked me, and said 'CALL DR. HAZELRIGG NOW, the baby is crowning!'  People were running all over the room, these crazy bright lights were switched on, the bottom of the bed dropped down and I am literally crawling up the bed in pain.  I told them 'I need more meds!' and her answer was, 'it's pointless now, the epidural won't do a thing once the baby is crowning.  $HIT!!!!!!!!!!!  I am yelling 'NICK NICK!!!!'  Nick was the anesthesiologist who can give more meds, and he comes in and tells me the same thing.  I am like, 'well, give it a try at least!'  It hurt so bad...
I was so thirsty so Aaron gives me a cup full of ice and spoons the ice in my mouth, damn near choking me.  On top of pushing, I am gagging on ice.  Thanks Aaron. :-P  Poor guy, he was so nervous!
I am literally screaming like a banchee at this point, praying that each contraction is the last!   10 mins later, this little tiny being is placed on my chest, looked me right in the eyes- just like Lucy did.  Lily was born at 11:02 pm!
It all happened SO fast.  It was like a dream.
It's so surreal... I can't believe Lily, who we have talked about every day for the last 9 months is finally here.  She is beautiful.
The nurses took her to the warming table to do her Apgar scores, and Aaron immediately goes over to take pictures and video.  Of course, crazy me... I am delivering the placenta (barf!) and yelling across the room, 'Aaron, check her hips!'  'Are the creases even?'  He is yelling back, 'the nurse said she looks great, babe!'
2 hospital pediatricians have examined her hips, all gave the ok!  Our pediatrician also saw her a few days ago and said all is good!  BUT... you know how I am.  Dr. Segal will be doing a 6 week ultrasound and exam.  Once I hear it from him, I will feel better.  I mean, come on... I trusted him with Lucy's life.  Not many people in the world have been trusted with my child...

So keep your fingers crossed that all is ok!  I will also be posting a healthy hip swaddle that I do on Lily.

Meeting Lily for the first time
Lily Ann Farrish 

Swollen mama and our last night as a family of 3


Daddy and Dr. Eric Hazelrigg, my amazing OB

Proud daddy

I am thinking 'oh my gosh what just happened'

Going home to meet my sister!

No words can describe.  

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  1. HI! This is Jamie from HipBabys. Thank you so much for this!! For sharing your story, your feelings, fears, tears everything! I can't begin to tell you how many times I cried while reading, I am sure I will cry many more through our journey, but you made it so relate-able!
    Thank you again!
    I hope that God continues to bless you and your family, and Lucy's hips of course!! Such a beautiful family!