Monday, January 7, 2013

Goodbye to PT... For now!

Well, hello there and Happy New Year!
I can't believe I am sitting here, on the day before January 8th typing this.
Why you ask?!
January 8 last year was the day we took Lucy in to our old pediatrician for her 1 year wellness visit.  This is when she recommended we 'go whenever' to get an x-ray since she finally noticed her leg creases weren't even. (Let's not get on that subject)
Anyways, of course, we left the peds office and went straight to the imaging place. I remember hearing Lucy scream down the hall. (Daddy took her in.)  I sat in the waiting room and bawled like a baby, because I KNEW something wasn't right.  Reminder: the hospital pediatrician had told us that Lucy's hip wasn't right the day she was born.  We passed this info on to our pediatrician and she told us 'oh, her hips are fine!'  So blindly, we walked around for an entire year with an issue that should have been corrected at birth- and has a 95% success rate if treated at birth.  I can't talk much more about this without my blood boiling- so moving on...
Jan. 8 is D-Day AKA the day that I will remember forever. The day I felt my world collapse and my heart sink like you can't imagine.  So tomorrow is going to be a hard day.  I am going to try a 'positive spin' and think of our accomplishments over the last year, but it still makes me so so sad.
Today was pretty exciting since it marks 6 months of physical therapy.  Lucy walked in there today and was like 'yep, I am doing the stairs' and then yep- over to the obstacle course, and yep- carrying the weighted balls... she rocked it.  Hilary is so impressed with Lucy that she said we can now just see her quarterly!  We still may go next week if the baby isn't born yet... I really, really LOVE taking her to PT.  I learn SO much every time I go.  This week we basically went over what I need to be continuing at home for the next few months.
1.  Shoe inserts.  Lucy's ankles roll in, so this will help stabilize her ankles.
2.  Stairs.  Helps with hip and knee flexion.
3.  Kicking.
4.  Jumping. (We got her a trampoline so this will be fun!)
5.  Stretching... still making her work for things and stretching and reaching for items.
6.  Pressure point therapy.  Massage.  Especially on her hips and feet.  (I will upload those asap)

I talked to Hilary about how many people I have met on mom's groups that are having sensory issues.  SO many kids seem to have some issue with sensory.  I asked Hilary to tell me more about it so she did.  What I am getting is this... Lucy's sensory issues come from her being in a spica cast from chest to ankles for 16 weeks.  Other kids just happen... Sensory is HUGE from birth-2 years old.  That's when most of it develops.  Hilary suggested with the new baby that we don't do a lot of the things that we did with Lucy... such as, jumpers, excersaucers, etc... She said a lot of children are SO overstimulated with toys that flash, tv, iPads (GUILTY!), etc... she said that for a little baby, a blanket on the floor and a simple rattle.  That's it.  No flashing lights, toys that sing, etc... Of course, there is a little give on this since we all know a rattle on the floor isn't going to entertain them for long, but I get what she is saying.  Us, as a society, are so visually stimulated, that we forget about the gross motor skills and just letting kids play.  She gave an example of a baby in a car seat carrier.  Totally immobilized, with dangling light up toys from the handle to look at.  She recommends a carrier to strap to yourself to carry the baby with you, that way the baby gets movement and motion.  OF course, we will have a carrier and use it, but now that I am aware of these little things, I will do my very best to make sure Lily gets more gross motor time on the floor and free play as opposed to being stuck in a jumper...(Until I need to shower or go to the bathroom. HA!)

Sensory issues affect speech, personality and SO many other things with a developing child.  I never knew it was this big of an issue until I started meeting other parents that are going through things with their little ones.  Now, I am not saying all of these issues are caused by parents not letting their kids play... some kids just don't develop the sensory that they need in the time they need it... therefore there is a huge need for therapists... speech, physical and occupational.  Like Hilary says, Lucy's isn't 'gone' it just needs to be nurtured and developed.  Most kids are the same, we just need to develop their sensory system in their time frame and with ways that make that individual child feel good...For example, weighted blankets are supposed to be great for kids with sensory issues... Here is a link to one:
You can also make your own!  I am actually going to make one on Saturday...

What else is going on?!  Well, Lucy is officially TWO years old now.  I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments.  Hilary said today that Lucy has done so well because LUCY is amazing and has the drive to succeed.  Thinking back on our first physical therapy appt... She was just about a week out of her brace full time, and would tuck her leg under her and shuffle across the ground.  She could barely pull herself up (This was at 17 months) and wasn't walking. She was weak and I honestly would cry every day wondering if she would be able to walk. Of course, everyone said 'she will, she will' but in the back of my mind, I just saw my frail little girl scooting on the floor when all of her peers were running and playing.  I remember that feeling of going out with her where other parents were and them asking 'how old is she? And she doesn't walk?' It was like 'shut the hell up and mind your business because you don't know what we have been through as a family!'  Of course, I wanted to shout that but I didn't... well, not all the time at least... Every little thing over the last year has been a constant reminder of Lucy's hip issues, and quite frankly, I am mentally exhausted with it.  It's something that will always be a scare, especially now with the new baby due any minute!  But like I have said all along, we trust God that he is always going to lead us where we need to be, even if we aren't happy about it!  I remember a year ago crying and saying 'God, why MY kid?? Can't this be someone else's kid???'  Of course not that I want it to be ANYONE'S kid, but at that stage of panic, you don't want it to be yours.

So, as this year of hip dysplasia for my girl wraps up, I am full of emotion, good and bad-- but most of all, full of PRIDE.  Lucy makes me SO proud every single day.  She is now trying to run, she says JUMP and tries, but isn't there yet... She is talking SO much more and even sings her ABC's with me.  She loves to go around the room and give each person and hug and say 'ahhhh' when you squeeze her back.  She is honestly the most perfect natured, sweet, amazing little girl you will meet. Bias?!  :-)
This year has taught me a lot about sensitivity to others and to help and support other parents that have any sort of issues with their child.  No one is immune from their lives being changed at any given moment.  Things can hit you like a ton of bricks... I just hope my blog has helped someone out there have hope that their little one will soon be running and playing just like Lucy is now.

Sorry for the long post, but L is actually napping today (first time this week!) so I am trying to catch up. :)
Happy 2013, and YES!  Pictures of Lily aka Lucy's sissy will/should be up soon... Prayers for healthy and perfect hips for her...

This was my little star today!  Hurdles?!  What hurdles?! I GOT THIS!

Bringing puzzle pieces to the puzzle while doing an obstacle and balance beam

Yep. What a little doll, I know... She is turning into a kid now, not a baby... LOVE

Not only am I SO proud of her, I am blessed that God chose ME to be her mom.  Couldn't be luckier...
This was at her birthday party on January 5th

Big girl... but yes... still has a binky and clip at night. What can I say, she loves it...

We are getting ready for Lucy's sissy around here

This was Lucy months ago when first learning her balance on the air mattress at therapy. Now she cruises this thing like nothing!

Always makes me cry looking at these pictures, but I want to show the world how far we have come. This was just after her cast was removed and she was in this brace full time for 6 weeks. She looks so thin and fragile to me. Her muscles were non existent. :-(

Not always the easiest rule to follow, but it's true... (said the biggest worry wart in the world...)

And we trust him!


Do you guys remember this? Even though the smile is on my face, I was honestly crumbling inside. This was in her 2nd cast, and she was so scared she laid on me ALL day.  I mean, 8 hours... all day. Breaks my heart to see her like this, but tried to stay positive for her sake...

Remember:  GOD knows what he is doing!

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