Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Walk before you run!

Hello blogging world! 
WOW how our lives have changed in the last few weeks!  Not only is Lucy taking steps, she is full on walking... She doesn't even bother with crawling anymore.  Walking is way more fun!

We just got home from yet another awesome physical therapy session.  I swear, every time we go, I learn something new... 
Today Hilary really got to evaluate Lucy's walk.  She was only taking a few steps last session which was 2 weeks ago.  She noticed a few things.  Lucy's ankle is weak and needs some toning up.  That will all happen in time, or with the help of some shoe inserts.  For now, walking on un-even surfaces is the best thing for her right now... Walking over pillows, inclines, grass... anything that makes her work her ankles.  Lucy also walks with her legs out a bit.  Of course, this is to be expected from a new walker, plus after being in the 'spica' position for so long.  So we are doing a few things to 'bring her legs together' as she walks.  
1.  Hilary told us to build a pathway for Lucy using blocks, toys, boxes, whatever we have at home.  Make the path as narrow as a balance beam width and have her walk through it.  That way she isn't able to kick her legs out to the side.  Makes sense, right?!
2.  Compression vest!  Yep... sounds weird, but again- it all goes back to the sensory and proprioception that I talked about in my last post.  It's basically like Spanx for babies! haha!  She is supposed to wear this vest for a few hours each day as she walks and plays.  It helps give her stability, as well as good posture.  Right now, Lucy puts her hands up for balance and literally tries to RUN forward.  She falls a lot because she has zero concept of slowing down to re gain balance.  (Can't blame the kid!)  So this vest offers compression to the hips, shoulders and body to give her the best possible posture for walking.  I was scared to death yesterday watching her walk. She goes so fast and falls forward, then gets up to do it all over again.  She has bruises, scrapes, you name it- all over her knees!  I guess it's all part of being a 'big kid!'
Hilary said we will give the vest a shot for a few weeks, and change out to compression leggings if we need to.  When Lucy first put the vest on, it was amazing!  She almost immediately dropped her arms to the sides.  It was giving her the balance she needed.  She acted drunk for the first few steps, because with good posture, shoulders are back.  Hers are always forward since she is leaning to 'go!'  Once she got the hang of this vest, her gait looked SO much better!
I hate the thought of yet another contraption to strap on this kid, but if it helps her, then great.  We will do it!  Our therapist is letting us borrow this one, but to order them, they are around $300.  
Here is the link to the vest:  SPIO vest

Another cool thing we learned today is that the trunk muscles and core muscles are linked to talking!  Yep, someway, somehow... once those muscles are toned up, the child can speak louder and have a better idea of how to form sentences.  Who knew?!?! 

In exactly one month from today, we have our 6 month post cast removal x-ray.  I am already feeling sick to my stomach about it.  UGH.   Trying not to let it ruin our joy right now, but it's hard!  I just hope and pray for perfect news. :-)

Here are some pics!  Have a great rest of the week...

She thinks that the store is her very own personal playground...

Light Bright at the Museum

This is what the compression vest looks like... Kinda like batgirl!
She looks so cute in it!

Getting ready for her baby sister to arrive in 4 months

Now that I officially have a walking baby, I use this bubble bath every night!

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  1. Glad she's doing so well. I know it's been a long time in coming.