Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween X-Ray and more PT

Hello friends and Team Lucy fans! :-)
Just got back from yet another awesome therapy session.  Would you believe it is STILL close to 100 degrees here?!  It's supposed to drop down in the mid to low 90's soon, but MAN!  It's HOT!  
We did half of therapy today indoors, and half outdoors.  Thank goodness for shade!
Lucy is really turning into a little wild woman!  It was hard in the PT indoor room since there are other kids there doing their therapy, and here is Lucy... stealing their toys, running around and laughing... You can't hold her down now... ha!
We did a lot of work with an exercise ball.  A big one... She would have L lay on her side, back and front, and hold her by the legs and roll her on the ball.  WEEE!  Lucy was flying on that ball!  Natural instinct would have you put your hands down on when you see the floor approaching, and Lucy did!  Hilary said it is really stretching her out, and it's working her core and back, as if she is doing baby sit ups.  Laying on her side on the ball was awesome, since she had to flip herself back over to a sitting position if she wanted to sing the 'bouncy ball' song... I have a ball like that at home... brand new.  Bought it thinking I would exercise.  HA!  YAH RIGHT!  So it's going to perfect for Lucy... see, I knew it would come in handy at some point.
Another thing we were told to keep up at home is her carrying something in front of her while walking.  Lucy, being a new walker, loves to hold her arms out to the sides for balance.  If we give her something to hold, she brings the item and her arms to her chest, which helps balance.  We bought a small fan the other day, and the box is just perfect... Funny how a box can entertain her for hours... 

So, we headed out to the playground and Hilary had her climb up the ladder to go down the slide... over and over and over... The steps on the ladder were really far apart... Like for example, Lucy's knees while climbing were even with her hips.  Lots of stretching and muscle work today.  Hilary noticed that Lucy resisted a little when climbing with her left side. (The surgery side.)  She said, 'let's go in, I want to check her hips.'  UM WHAT!?  I about died on the spot.  What the heck is going on?  So we went inside, and she did a full hip exam and said, 'she's great, she has great range of motion, but she is still cautious to push herself to the next level.'  WHEW.  So, of course I said, 'is her hip in still?!'  She said if it was out, Lucy would be in agony.  She was just checking her motion.  BUT, of course, paranoia sets in and I think the worst.  WHEW.............

Anyways, Hilary said she is blown away at how different Lucy's walk is even from last week!  Her gait isn't as wide.  She used to walk with her legs far apart, and now, they are in closer.  I honestly attribute this to the physical therapy.  I am so happy that we are doing this!  

I told Hilary as we left that I keep reminding myself that this isn't over.  It's a crappy thought to have, but we are still waiting on the pelvic bone to deepen.  What Hilary said is this.  The muscles have JUST as much to do with this as the bones themselves do.  Muscles encourage bone growth.  If the muscles are not strong and stretched around the bone, the bone will not grow as it should. It also can lead to a re-dislocation or partial re-dislocation... I didn't know that.  So stretching and working the muscles is essential for success.  Every day I just hope and pray that we don't have to face another surgery!  I want to be the small percentage of one surgery success stories!

Our next appointment with the surgeon for a follow up has been moved back 2 weeks to October 31.  WHAT!?  I didn't really want a Halloween appointment, let a lone wait another 2 weeks... UGH.  I am just going to keep calling every day to see if there has been a cancellation.  I just want it over with.

Anyways, the babe is sleeping- which is normally a mother's cue to clean and do laundry.  Not this momma.  This is my cue to join Lucy and take a nap!  Laundry can wait... :-)  
Have a good day!

Why sit in the grocery store car when you can stand the whole time?!  Hey, at least she was quiet and I got some shopping done. :)

Even though it's play time, I still like her to 'work' her hips!

The sun was SO bright in her eyes!  Playing at the park like a big kid!

I don't think there is a day that will go by that this picture will not make me smile :)

The newest member of our family- Lucy's little sister, Lily!  Coming January 24th, 2013

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  1. I couldn't help but smile as I read this. I'm beyond thrilled that Lucy is doing so well. Lots of prayers for her as she went through all of this. She's so precious and will be an awesome big sister to little Lily.