Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Parent's Guide to Hip Dysplasia

Just put down 'The Parent's Guide to Hip Dysplasia' book.  Done!
Took me awhile to read it, since we had some 'not so good news' this last week, it was tough for me to read.  Especially the part that hit on the 'Dega Osteotomy.'  That's what Lucy is going to have done...
I wanted to write a review on this wonderful book.
When I first found out about Lucy and her DDH, I saw this book on Amazon.  Actually, it wasn't this exact same book, since author Betsy Miller came out with this new and updated version.  I was too scared to read it.  Too scared to buy it.  Too scared to even admit that this was happening to us.
Looking back, I wish I would have purchased it a year ago.
There is SO much information for a parent faced with this DDH journey.  From everything to Pavlik harnesses for infants, braces, spica casts, and even info for teens facing surgery.  I loved the part where it discusses physical therapy, since the author spoke to Lucy's physical therapist, Ms. Hilary!
The book shares wonderful stories from parents and teens dealing with DDH in some way.  I love that it shows that these kids/teens are real... they have real stories to share, and they share how they were treated at school, and their feelings of friends not understanding.  I am sure those kids feel very alone!
With the help of this book, it helps us to better understand what our kids are going through.
On our Facebook group for Hip Toddlers, there are questions from new parents of hip kids daily.  Questions like: what should I expect after the cast comes off?  How do I breastfeed in a spica cast?  Will my child need physical therapy?
All of these questions are discussed in the book.
I thank Betsy Miller for shedding light on DDH, and putting together such a wonderful, 'up with the times' book.
I hope and pray that if you are a parent with tons of questions, that you don't hesitate to read this book.  Like I said, it's tough if you are going to be facing surgery like we are in 2 weeks.  I am of the mindset now that I want to be prepared.  Over prepared!
As much as we love our surgeon, sometimes I am so flustered at the appointments to ask certain questions.  Especially because Lucy now understands things, so I want out of there as fast as possible!  This book is one that I can come home... gather my thoughts, and read through when I am comfortable.  It answers tons of those questions...

Thanks Betsy for an amazing book, and for helping us understand DDH.

Hilary Keen!  Our therapist that means the world to us!


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