Wednesday, October 31, 2012

X ray day!

Some of you know, we originally had an x-ray scheduled for October 17th... well, it got moved.  Pushed back more like... to no other day than Halloween!  I was convinced that this is BAD LUCK!  Well, today proved me wrong... (I love being wrong in these situations!)

We show up at Phoenix Children's and we know the wait will be long... So, daddy goes in and gets us all checked in and the girls stay in the car watching none other than YO GABBA GABBA!  35 minutes later dad comes out to get us- we were called back... only to get so lucky and wait some more in the x-ray section... That actually went by pretty quickly- only about 15 more minutes.  They call her name, and Aaron takes her back to the x-ray room since I can't... She was so cute and little walking in there, and then she looks back at me and I say, 'it's ok baby!!!  You can do it!' She starts screaming and pointing and saying MAMA!  Goodness gracious.  I was doing okay until I heard that... 
So while Lucy is in the room crying for me, I am in the waiting room crying for her.  :-)

Finally that is over and we are moved to Dr. Segal's room.  He pops his head in after a few minutes and says 'hi guys!  Can I see Lucy walk please?!'  Ummm, hello- that must mean he saw something bad on the x-ray right?!  I put her down and she walks between Aaron and I, meanwhile I am beginning to panic... He smiles and says, 'she looks great.  I will be right back.'  WAIT!!!!!!!  Where are you going!
I turn to Aaron and say, 'he said the word GREAT so that's good, right!?'  It's funny how you begin to analyze every single word when you are worried... 

So Dr. S comes back in and has us come over to his desk to see x-rays.  He starts from the ones back in March which made my heart sink... He showed us that her AI angles were almost at a 40 back then!  That's NOT good... Then he is scrolling through and shows us in July they were approx 33.  Now today they are between a 29-30.  So I am going with 29!  Basically- we want them to keep going down!  That means the cup is being formed over the femur... 
The sense of happiness that came over me- I can't even explain it!  
He showed us pretty significant growth in her femur as well. Since it was out of the socket for so long, it didn't grow and neither did the 'cup.'  So the simple fact that both have grown in a few months is AWESOME.

Now, he explained to us he doesn't need to see Lucy for another 6 months... We are going to hope and pray for MORE growth and for those AI numbers to go DOWN.  He said if they don't, or if they remain the same for a long period of time, that's when she may need another surgery.  YUCK.  
So, we want SO badly to be a one-surgery success story... 
The femur is in perfect position for growth.  So at this point, I do what I have done my whole life.  FREAK OUT a little- then continue every single night and day to PRAY.  YES, you heard it.  I truly believe that God has a reason for everything, I may not understand or accept what he does some days, but someday I will understand... Lucy's life- and her hip- is all in His hands.  Plain and simple.  God has been SO great to us... Yes, we have had to deal with hip dysplasia, but you know what!?  He has also given us the BEST LITTLE GIRL to ever walk this earth.  I also have a feeling in January that I will have the OTHER best little girl to be born in her sister, Lily. :-)  Hey, what can I say, bias maybe?!
So in the middle of all my happiness today- I continue to thank God for every blessing in my life!

Here are a few photos of our day, and I am going to post links to a few videos from the last month or so of her walk... 
Happy Halloween friends!

Waiting with daddy in Dr. Segal's room

X-ray was awesome!

Yesterday at Gymboree class:  (You can guess who the star of this show is, right!??)

Walking 3.5 months out of her brace:


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