Friday, June 24, 2011

On a mission...

A rescue mission that is!
A few days ago we (the rescue gals) received an e-mail from the Arizona Humane Society saying that there is a bulldog in need of rescue.  They guessed her age to be around 6-7 (I would guess her at 5.)  She came in to the shelter as a stray... (YES!  A stray English Bulldog...)  They scanned her for a microchip, and she didn't have one.  No collar or tags either. 
The reason that rescue was contacted is this: When the shelter gets a dog in, they do what is called an 'evaluation.'  They temperament test the dog with food and other dogs... They want to make sure the dog is almost 'bomb proof' enough to go up for adoption to the public.  (Liability reasons) Meaning they can't flinch when another dog approaches them, they can't get possessive over food or toys, and they absolutely cannot growl, bark or show fear to a human.  If they do any of those things, they are automatically deemed 'unadoptable' and will not be up for adoption to the general public.  Also, if they are sick or require a surgery, they are also deemed 'unadoptable' and do not go up for adoption.  This is when rescue is contacted.  If no rescuers are able to get the dog, the dog is put to sleep. :-(
Remember... these evaluations can be way off sometimes when checking for dog's behavior, since they dogs are scared outta their minds!  They are sometimes dumped off there by their owner, sometimes they are hurt, and sometimes they are strays... So, I would be a little touchy too if I were the dog, but the shelter cannot take the chanc
Love-A-Bull Rescue doesn't take dogs with aggression issues, but we absolutely will take a bulldog that is in need of a surgery or some good old fashioned TLC.
That is case with this bulldog, now named 'Adele.'  She has a cherry eye, needs entropion surgery and has an elongated soft palate making it even harder for her to endure the heat of the Arizona summers.
I met my friend/co-rescuer Trisha who picked up Adele.  Lucy was dropped off at Grandma's house on the way because it is just too darn hot!
I load Adele up, and we are off to get Lucy from Grandma's house.  I decide to give Adele a bath there before bringing her home.
Grandpa and Lucy are watching me give Adele a bath through the screen door.  Lucy is lighting up like a Christmas tree, probably thinking "hey! This is a new brother or sister for me!"  Adele is wiggling her big ol' behind at Lucy as if to say "hey girl! What's up! Let's play!" Meanwhile I am sweating like a pig, covered in hair and wet dog smell.  It's only 108 outside!
Lucy gets loaded up, and Adele, Lucy and I are on our way home.
NOTE TO SELF: NEVER do anything over Lucy's nap time.  Lucy starts getting fussy, Adele starts barking, and momma is about to lose it!  Thank goodness I found the 'smooth jazz' station on the radio and that calms down the troops a little... haha.
We get home, and Slim and Double are anxious to see who this new kid was... Adele goes to her room with a bone and ice water, Lucy goes to her crib for a nap, and Slim and D go right back to sleep on the couch.
Ahhh.  Now to get the profile and pics of Adele posted on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet so hopefully some wonderful family will apply to adopt her.  Our goal in rescue is to find the PERFECT fit for our rescue dogs.  Not all dogs are good in all homes.  That is why so many end up in rescue.  We look for a family who can promise 'til death do us part' when adopting their new furry friend.  Not some idiot who just wants a bulldog as an 'accessory.'
It frustrates me to no end when people just give up on their dog.  Honestly, I am learning that raising a baby is SO much work, but I would never give up on my furry kids because I don't 'feel' like dealing with them anymore.  We are a family and that's that!
Rescue is my passion and I will always be a part of it.  Obviously I can't be as involved as I used to, but my heart is there ALWAYS and I am available to help a bulldog any time of the day. (Except for Lucy's nap time!)  You can see how just ONE dog entering rescue can take that volunteer's entire day up.  Is it worth it? Absolutely, but really... why can't people THINK before getting a dog?  Better yet, why can't they spay/neuter their pet to lower the pet population?
The saddest part is that there was another bulldog there, waiting for his 'eval.'  We will probably be getting that guy too...
What scares me is that these people who are dumping dogs left and right are also raising children.  Gosh, if you can't raise a dog, you shouldn't be raising kids!  Dogs don't talk back, ask for money, or require you to bring them everywhere you go.  They give unconditional love to their owners, and they deserve the same in return.  Dogs are SO easy compared to kids!

I want Lucy to love animals, and to be respectful of them.  I just know she will be the next generation of animal rescuers. :-)

Now that is quiet in the Farrish household, I am really craving a nap.  BUT- laundry needs to be done, dishes need to be washed and Lucy will be up in no time wanting her bottle.
There will be crying, barking and who knows what else in our house at all times... but hey- what will be will be! :-) And that's how we like it...

Here are some pics of our day today...

                                           Adele at the AZ Humane Society

                                                     All ready to go!

                                                    Bring on the BULL!

                                              Meeting Trish with Adele!

YAY all safe and sound, ready to go get a bath! 

                                                 All cleaned up and fed

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